Finding an NHS Dentist

  techie4me 12:08 26 Sep 2007

I they that rare to find these days?

  Lionheart ? 12:19 26 Sep 2007

You can find them but they will have a waiting list a mile long.

  Mike D 12:28 26 Sep 2007

I have become involved with setting up a new dental practice in Birmingham. The dentist wants to treat NHS patients, but cannot because there is no money left in the kitty to give new contracts for the next 2 years! So much for the much vaunted new dental contracts toted by the government.

It looks like this will be a private patients only practice. What a shambles. (Not that the bank manager will be complaining!)

  spuds 13:15 26 Sep 2007

Agree with Mike D, there are a number of dentists who want to open, expand or start a NHS service, but funding is the major problem.

A local dentist tried to expand his four mainly NHS patient (9 dentist) practises, by obtaining the services of qualified and competent Polish/ European trained dentists, that were ready and willing to work here.Approx two years down the line he is still trying to employ willing and ready to work people on a permanent basis.

My own dentist who I have been with for a couple of years (previous two went private) seems to have reduced his practises NHS patients list, and in time I can see him going totally private.

  techie4me 13:34 26 Sep 2007

I have a friend who is on income support through illness and the only dentist they can get in to in their local ara is through a Dentist operating the Dentplan Cover (part of AXA).

No other dentists within 20 minutes is still with the NHS.
I dont want to make this political but were Labour once the party of the people?

  Spark6 14:34 26 Sep 2007

I am obviously one of the more fortunate folk who has never had to go the private route. Coincidentally, I had my six monthly check-up this morning, just a clean and polish required, and the receptionist asked me to voluntarily fill in a questionaire. Each dentist in the practice was expected to have 100 of these questionaires completed by their patients and the forms returned anonymously to the NHS. Questions ranged from satisfaction with the treatment received, waiting times, response to emergency requests for treatment to requirement for up-to-date magazines in waiting rooms. No problem indicating my responses.

  Bingalau 15:33 26 Sep 2007

I also went for my six monthly check up last week. Like Spark6 I also needed a clean and polish. This he carried out there and then. I was in the chair for a total of about ten minutes and was charged £15.90. This was at a NHS dentist, so what private dentists charge I have no idea.. I never had the chance to say "Hey, hang on there I'm a pensioner and can't afford a clean and polish at those prices, I will forego it" Luckily I can afford it, but there must be others who can't.

  spuds 15:57 26 Sep 2007

I think the difference between NHS and Private prices is about 20%, unless of course 'extras' or expensive cosmetic work is required. Wasn't it some well known celeb who recently paid out £32.000 for a new gnasher look?.

  ajm 16:16 26 Sep 2007

My uncle is a dentist. what part of town are you from. If his surgery is near you/your friend, I can "persuade" him to take you.your friend on.

  pj123 16:17 26 Sep 2007

I am registered with an NHS dentist but I still get charged a fee?

I thought the NHS as set up in 1948 was a free health service.

  [email protected] 17:02 26 Sep 2007

i had toothache earlier this year, googled local dentists saw one an hour later, within walking distance and nhs.

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