hijo 22:58 04 Nov 2006

click here

i hope that the link works as theres a intresting story here thats going to benefit us all but how soon will the prices drop & for how long...?

  beeuuem 23:21 04 Nov 2006

I wouldn't hold your breathclick here
Gas being given away - but prices stay high for consumers

Energy giants are under mounting pressure to cut bills after the cost that they are charged to buy gas collapsed to an all-time low.

The wholesale price of gas went into freefall, even dropping below 0p at one point, due to a glut of supplies from a new Norwegian pipeline.

But consumers will have to wait for up to nine months before there is any chance of a price cut, energy firms insisted yesterday.

  Forum Editor 23:48 04 Nov 2006

will decrease in anything but the shortest of short terms is deluded. The fact that a new pipeline has suddenly enabled increased supplies of gas to become available will do nothing in the long term to bring prices down - even for the lady who said ""It's extremely important for me to stay warm because I'm 83 years old."

As if it wasn't extremely important for anyone else.

  Monoux 09:45 05 Nov 2006

Funny how it didn't take 9 months for the price we pay to go up when the ' raw ' price increased but will when it goes down. The same with mortgage payments bank rate up next month mortgage rate up. Bank rate down , we'll leave it for now and see how it settles.

Usual story goes up imeadiately goes down very slowly

  WhiteTruckMan 10:38 05 Nov 2006

Be carefull Monoux, otherwise some might accuse you of cynicism :-)


  Monoux 10:54 05 Nov 2006

Moi !!!

  freaky 12:05 05 Nov 2006

Gas suppliers purchase their supplies in advance, therefore do not benefit from the current reductions. We will probably notice a reduction in cost next year when they re-purchase.

A number of suppliers are offering their customers a fixed price for 'x' years....these offers are to be avoided.

  Forum Editor 12:33 05 Nov 2006

gas storage facilties were full to capacity when the gas price plummeted, so suppliers weren't able to take advantage of the low prices at that stage.

A degree of cynicism can be a good thing, but it's not always a substitute for a lack of knowledge about the facts.

  Kate B 13:04 05 Nov 2006

Good point about the "because I'm 83", Peter - I've never understood why simply having lived longer makes you more important than other people.

  johndrew 13:16 05 Nov 2006

Older people feel the cold more and have difficulty maintaining body heat. This is a fairly well known medical fact that even government recognise - hence the `Winter Fuel Allowance`. Very young babies also has a similar problem with body temperature.

However if you are suggesting that "because I'm 83" I am less important............

  Vangeliska 13:16 05 Nov 2006

Living to an advanced age may not make one important, but it does make one more susceptible to cold (amongst other things). Compassion seems to be non existent here.

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