Final warning

  Forum Editor 18:09 15 Aug 2011

I hate doing this, but I'm left with little choice.

Despite my recent warning I regret to note that certain people persist in making derogatory personal comments about other forum users. I'm not naming names - they know who they are.

This is to make it perfectly clear that I'm not going to tolerate personal abuse of one person by another under any circumstances. By all means argue your point vigorously, express your opinion forcefully, contest another person's assertions - those are all legitimate ways of debating a topic, and we're here for that purpose.

Break the forum rule about personal abuse though, and you'll see your post deleted without warning or explanation. Do it repeatedly and you'll find yourself unable to log in to the forum. Those of you who have been previously warned will get no further reminders. It might sound harsh, but I'm tired of asking nicely and being ignored.

  Forum Editor 19:01 15 Aug 2011


Your wish is my command.

  octal 19:15 15 Aug 2011

And lock it? It doesn't really need much debating does it?

  Bingalau 20:24 15 Aug 2011

I hope this doesn't mean that Brumas and Macscouse have been banned for their incessant ribbing of poor old me?

  morddwyd 21:22 15 Aug 2011

I suspect that "poor old you" is quite capable of giving as good as you get, and you do not need the FE's protection.

Now fourmember's incessant attacks on my fully reasoned arguments are a different matter entirely!

(Sorry FE, not trying to make light of your point, just a bit of leavening)

  ams4127 22:23 15 Aug 2011

"fully reasoned arguments"

From an Armourer??!!!!

  john 52 22:34 15 Aug 2011

I had a post removed ( my crime was to suggest that I would refrain from posting so not to offend FORUM MEMBER) . If a poster wishes to choose a forum name that if you read quickly can be misconstrued to a posters forum name is that my fault perhaps the FE made the same mistake when he deleted that part of the post ??.

Some of us hold very strong opinions and we are being censored into the reply we give because we know it will just turn into a point scoring dogfight and your personal opinion will just be stamped upon if your thoughts do not fit into the mindset of certain posters.

  Aitchbee 22:52 15 Aug 2011

FE - what about a yellow card, then a red one, then in the 'Slammer' for a week...

  john 52 23:00 15 Aug 2011

What about having our old age pension stopped for a week if we offend and if you offend again make it a month :-}

  Forum Editor 23:24 15 Aug 2011


Once and for all - no one person has "my ear" any more than you do, or any other forum member. Try to understand that and remember it.

It's inevitable in a discussion forum that certain people will hold broadly similar views on certain topics, and there's no point in letting that fact colour your thinking. Take part in discussions with an open mind, or allow yourself to be swallowed up by your personal dislike of someone else - the choice is entirely yours. Throughout the 11 year life of the forum we have seen many personal animosities fester and grow, and in most cases there has been a watershed. Perhaps this is yours - it takes two people to make an argument turn nasty, and if you're not one of them....

  Forum Editor 23:26 15 Aug 2011


I hope it doesn't disappoint you to learn that Brumas and Macscouse have my full permission to continue with their incessant ribbing of poor old you.

I firmly believe that you secretly love every minute of it - we certainly do.

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