A final message?

  natdoor 09:55 24 Sep 2007

I have just read in the Observer about this website, click here .

Maybe it is a good way of leaving useful information for relatives. It might save searching through masses of files and ensure that something important is not overlooked. And can we expect posts in future along these lines "Hi all, having just shaken off my mortal coil I wish to thank you all for all the knowledge I gained and fun I had as a forum member. May your final journey be long delayed and peaceful and pain free"?

Hopefully not for some long time at least.

  Monoux 10:55 24 Sep 2007

Lovely-- all your personal info in one place , so one simple hack and the wrong guys have got all they need to become you.

  natdoor 08:58 25 Sep 2007

Clearly there are risks with sensitive data stored in this way. It is claimed that the highest levels of security and encryption are applied but nothing is absolutely secure, as evidenced by hacks into government sites. It would still, however, be possible to use the site to point people in the direction in which sensitive information is stored rather than to store such things as bank account details.

The use to which I suggested it might be put would not entail any security risk as far as i can see. This was meant to be a light-hearted way of expressing my views, and I hope sahred by many others, on the forum and its members.

  jack 09:28 25 Sep 2007

Knowing my lot-they will never know.
Completely computer-phobic -the lot of them

  Monoux 10:16 25 Sep 2007

natdoor -- Sorry -- I'm just a bit sceptical of this sort of thing. I'm sure the motives behind it and the idea itself is sensible, I'm just an old cynic.

A better and more secure method is for this type of detail to be left in sealed envelopes with relatives or trusted friends who are at a different address yourself ( to prevent loss by fire )

  IClaudio 19:17 25 Sep 2007

Truly, deeply moronic....

  Forum Editor 19:31 25 Sep 2007

and now someone has. I imagine it will be quite successful.

  Probabilitydrive 19:38 25 Sep 2007

...it is just a tiny step too far. Ok, it provides some sort of framework to organise your affairs.

Its main attraction must be for the unorganised and those, who do not particularly want to deal with the nitty gritty of the ephemerality of being. Fair enough for those who are looking for the a quick digital burial fix... (there is a template, where you can chose the material of your urn, no less).

Offering such a service now is very 'Zeitgeist', the security aspect is worrying, and I, for once am an ardent paper and pen fan boy...

  natdoor 19:46 25 Sep 2007

No need to apologise, if that is what you meant. You are right to approach things these days with at least some caution.

I rather expected that someone would suggest a message he/she would like to leave to other forum members and not take it too seriuosly.

  IClaudio 20:48 25 Sep 2007

This beggars belief....

A mere $80 per year for the 'Ultra' Plan, what a bargain!

So, rather than actually talk to my family and tell them where all my savings are, and what all my passwords are, or write them down somewhere, I'm going to pay someone else $80_a year_to keep them stored on a hard drive.... which I COULD DO....

  Forum Editor 16:41 26 Sep 2007

I think you're rather missing the point.

When you die, your loved ones may not know where all that information is, and hard drives can fail. The whole idea of this site is that people who you nominate while you're alive can access your private file area after your death, and can retrieve important information, copies of important documents, etc. The information is stored securely, and mirror copies are stored in a separate location - it's a standard form of data protection, and isn't that easy for a home user to duplicate in such a secure fashion.

Retrieval can only occur once a specified number of your nominees have logged in (you set that number). The information will then be sent to each nominee at the same time, thus preventing one individual retrieving everything and deleting the files.

As I said earlier, I imagine it will be a successful system.

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