Films you always watch on TV no matter..

  VNAM75 22:36 02 Jul 2008

how many times you have seen it before.

I always watch Shawshank Redemption, Misery, Truman show, Far and away, Interview with a vampire, This Boys Life when they are on tv.

  rossgolf 22:46 02 Jul 2008

Green Mile, Tears of The Sun, Happy Gilmore, and a few more :D

  micky d 23:39 02 Jul 2008

Some of the older ones i watch whenever i'm flicking through the channels are Jason & The Argonauts,Sinbad,etc. The Italian Job,Scum,The Great Escape & Goodfellas among others.

More up to date would be Crank(Jason Statham),Sexy Beast,Triple XXX, & anything with Jackie Chan and/or Jet Li in.

That reminds me..........any Bruce Lee film & Hear Nothing,See Nothing,Say Nothing & Stir Crazy.

  gardener 23:51 02 Jul 2008

Pandaemonium, Some Like It Hot, Heat, Local Hero, Fever Pitch, Casablanca, Fairy Tale, Shawshank,
Cast Away, L.A. Confidential...

  DANZIG 00:01 03 Jul 2008

Its a Wonderful Life, most Hammer Horror films, The Fifth Element, The Italian Job, Goodfellas and any Indiana Jones film..

Bizarrely, even though I've got them all on DVD - Any of the Star Wars films

  MCE2K5 01:39 03 Jul 2008

1: Ghosts of Mars (Jason Statham).

2: Cube.

3: Cube 2 Hypercube.

4: Cube Zero.

5: TRON. And Yes I Bought It.

  Chegs ®™ 01:53 03 Jul 2008

Its a mad mad mad mad world,italian job(original)

  Quickbeam 07:09 03 Jul 2008


  jack 10:52 03 Jul 2008

I don't watch any of them- I get a distinct feeling of impatience when one come to screen.
We[Missus and Me] from time to time think - We'll record that and that for a blank Saturday.
And then find come said Saturday we spend the evening watching a bit of this and deleting and that and deleting -what a waste of time?
I did record a Morse last Saturday afternoon - thinking that'll do for a blank evening.
Last night was a blank evening so set to watch it.
Guess what is is one we have not seen before and are quite enjoying it. Wow!

  Stuartli 10:55 03 Jul 2008

Some Like It Hot - never tire of it.

  bstb3 11:03 03 Jul 2008

Not great films, but totally entertaining ones, I always make time for:

The Long Kiss Goodnight (Geena Davis, Samuel L Jackson)- its funny, even when it isnt meant to be
Tremors (Kevin Bacon) - Top B Movie style fun
The Untouchables - (Costner, Connery, De Niro)
The thing from Another World (50's version, in case theres a remake)

Like I say none are great (well the untouchables is borderline maybe) but they entertain me every time, I just dont get bored of them.

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