Film - Help - cant remember title!

  techie4me 14:30 01 Sep 2007

Scottish Film of the 80's.
Music i think by Dire Straits?
About a Scottish village going to be used by US oil company??
US guy visits village to arrange things, falls in love with it??
Lots of scenery of the local area.
But whats the title???

  Forum Editor 14:32 01 Sep 2007

is 'Local Hero'.

  techie4me 14:35 01 Sep 2007

Thank you FE.
Must be the quickest resolved problem!!

  Bingalau 14:37 01 Sep 2007

techie4me. Nobody else got a chance with that one did they? It's a picture I haven't seen but I seem to remember it had good write ups.

  Legolas 14:48 01 Sep 2007

Pennan the village in the North East of Scotland where parts of Local Hero was filmed was in the news up here recently when heavy rain caused a mud slide from the hills that back on to the village slipped down through thee village and caused havoc, I am glad to say no one was seriously hurt. click here click here

  pavvi 14:52 01 Sep 2007

The music I think was a solo piece of work by the front man for dire straits, Mark Knopfler. I remember seeing the album in the shops while looking for their greatest hits album a few years ago.

  techie4me 14:59 01 Sep 2007

I heard the music in the gym over the last week, but could not remember who it was by.
I knew it was from a film but could not remember which one & I've been humming it ever since, a quick search on youtube found it.

The FE was quick off the mark, i must admit.
Shows what a dynamic FE he is;-)

PS: I'm having real difficulties posting this reply!

  holme 16:43 01 Sep 2007

I know this topic is closed but I thought it might be worth mentioning that Local Hero has been on Film4 quite few times in recent weeks. Absolutely delightful; also signed (for the deaf).

I've got it on hard disc so if anyone is desparate for it, I'd be willing to run off a DVD copy or three and snail-mail. If interested, please let me know, with your (UK) address, via the yellow envelope.

(I take it that doing this for a TV broadcast is 'legal'?)

  Legolas 16:45 01 Sep 2007

I doubt if it is legal by righs anything taped can only be kept for a limited amount of time, I would imagine copying the material would be frowned upon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:55 01 Sep 2007

Local Hero

is one of the very few things NOT deleted from my HDD recorder.
Watch it for the music and of course the great scenery.

  holme 16:57 01 Sep 2007

Point taken thanks. Forget the offer. For the record, The Industry Trust says:

"Time shifting allows you to legally copy a TV broadcast of a film or TV programme (on to a DVD or computer hard drive, for example) only when:

you make the copy in your own home; and
you copy from the original broadcast; and
your only reason for copying is to view the broadcast at a more convenient time."

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