File Sharers Beware!

  Bingalau 11:10 25 Aug 2009

Not before time I suppose?

click here

  wids001 11:32 25 Aug 2009

I can't really see how this can be enforced. Apparently there are 7 million illegal downloaders in the country and this proposed legislation will place the role of policing on the ISP's.

"Cutting off the hand that feeds" comes to mind. The PPS should step into the 21st century and the record companies should make all their content available as digital downloads at a resonable price.

Current antiquated legislation also needs updating. Not only is it illegal to download but it is also illegal to copy your legitimate CD's (that you have paid for) onto any portable music player! At least in the US you are legally able to make at least one copy I believe.

  Chegs ®™ 12:56 25 Aug 2009

I would be happy if 7 million people were cut off from using the internet as this would free up more bandwidth for the rest and speeds might increase for users in rural areas without access to cable services. :)

  dagnammit 13:15 25 Aug 2009

Ah yes good old Mandy. Just another action he took recently after meeting people on "holiday" on someone else's yacht.

One of the people he met was David Geffen media tycoon worth $4.6billion.

I won't mention him meeting a relation of Gadaffi before the lockerbie bomber was released.

  dagnammit 13:32 25 Aug 2009
  wids001 14:08 25 Aug 2009


I bet the ISP's wouldn't be happy if 7 million of their customers were cut off. Many would go bust and those that didn't would have no option but to recoup their loses by increasing their subscription rates.

  Chegs ®™ 16:26 25 Aug 2009

"I bet the ISP's wouldn't be happy if 7 million of their customers were cut off."

Simplez,dont infringe the copyright laws sharing material over the internet.

(not implying you do,just pointing out that there's an easy solution)

  interzone55 17:12 25 Aug 2009

Cutting off 7m is unlikely to increase rural bandwidth, pretty much the opposite I'd say.

The main factor reducing bandwidth to rural communities is physics, ie the attenuation on long runs of copper.

Then there's the LLU issue. An ISP will only put their own equipment in an exchange if there's enough potential subscribers, as the equipment is a little on the expensive side...

  realist 19:29 25 Aug 2009

Oh dear, not the "let's beat up on the file sharers" argument again.

The genie's out of the bottle; downloading of copyrighted material happens.

And there's more than a whiff of sanctimony about, as usual...

  Kaacee 19:39 25 Aug 2009

I don't suppose it will bother Mandy too much, after all, he can buy all the music/films etc. he wants and charge it to expenses.

  JYPX 19:51 25 Aug 2009

Another year. Another story about file sharing. I would guess that the majority of this content is movies.Can you remember where we were on this 10 years ago? A 5 gig download was not really an option , even if content could be found. So, what we had was Knock-off Nigel, who was EVERYWHERE. In the workplace, in the pub, in the car park, ready to supply any and every movie released for a couple of pounds. He has pretty must disappeared, due to faster broadband, and file sharing. Assuming that our government are not idiots and understand the consequences of the return of Knock-off Nigel, does this mean that they no longer believe that the sale of counterfeit films supports drug dealers and much worse....?

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