Fighting the little yellow ticket!

  Cymro. 12:14 28 Mar 2011

From the BBC link posted below
"Most people who get a parking ticket seethe with anger, pay up and get on with life. But thousands of motorists now become amateur sleuths, chronicling confusing "signs and lines" in a battle against the authorities, writes Neil Bennett".
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So how do you take it if and when you get a parking ticket then? Personally living in a rural part of the country such things are perhaps less of a problem. I did get one a few years ago and got away with it on appeal.

  wiz-king 13:43 28 Mar 2011

My horse would be most upset! Trying to stick it on him might also be a problem.

  interzone55 14:28 28 Mar 2011

My girlfriend has a blue badge, and gets very annoyed if anyone is parked in disabled bays without showing a badge, and often jots down number plates of any car not displaying a badge and hands it in to the store's customer service desk.

Once she got a ticket for parking in a parent & child bay when she didn't have a child with her.
When she pointed out to the parking attendant that the parent & child bays where closer to the store than the disabled bays and half the cars in the disabled bays had no blue badges on display he just ignored her. So she photographed the carpark and sent it to Tesco's head office - the ticket was cancelled.

  Forum Editor 16:12 28 Mar 2011

in parking machines, so I've registered with a telephone parking service. Now I can park all over London and just phone one number. The system recognises my phone number, so all I have to do is key in the location number from the meter or parking machine, key in the number of minutes I need, and I'm parked legally - no need to display a ticket.

I have done the same thing with the London Congestion Charge - the system picks up my car registration if I enter the zone and automatically takes the fee from my bank account.

I did once escape a parking ticket because I photographed the very faded yellow lines I was on. Apparently you can get the ticket rescinded if the lines are indistinct and partially worn away.

  Woolwell 16:19 28 Mar 2011

I've not had a parking ticket in over 45 years driving. The closest I got was last year when I got back to a carpark about 3 minutes before the end of the time I had paid for and found a warden writing a ticket. I complained and he said it would have taken the remaining few minutes to write the ticket and he didn't think that I was turning up.

The majority of the signs and lines are not confusing.

  BT 17:27 28 Mar 2011

While I have sympathy for your girlfriend, if you look closely I think you will find that the Disabled parking bays in Tesco are not marked for 'Blue Badge holders only'. As they are on Private Property there is no legal enforcement and rely on the good nature of other users.

I agree that there are quite a lot of people who use them and don't display a Blue Badge. And there are similarly an awful lot of people who use them who are using badges that don't belong to them or are using them when the Badge owner is not present.

My wife has been refused a badge and we see people who are FAR more mobile than she is parking in these bays. I would add that we have never parked in a Disabled bay.

  Snec 17:44 28 Mar 2011

So how do you take it if and when you get a parking ticket then?

Well, I've only ever had one and that was for illegal parking in Croydon. At the time I had been on business in another part of the country, well north of Croydon, and I had hotel/restaurant/petrol etc. receipts to prove it. I didn't have to prove it though because when I rang to explain I was told 'just tear it up and ignore it, this often happens.' Made me wonder how often people have got away by starting with the words, "I wasn't there." That is all I'd said and no further words were uttered or explanation given or asked for.

  morddwyd 21:18 28 Mar 2011

"we see people who are FAR more mobile than she is parking in these bays."

Disability is not just about mobility, any more than all Blue Badge holders should be wheelchair users.

Emphysema sufferers look perfectly mobile until they walk more than 10 - 15 metres.

Some people can disconnect from oxygen/heart/medication appliances for a certain amount of minutes.

You may well see me get out of my car and walk fifty metres, but perhaps you won't see me call a taxi to get back to my car because I am suddenly having a bad spell and cannot make the fifty metres back.

However, I do agree that there is gross abuse of Blue Badges.

To answer the original question, I usually appeal if I feel hard done by. I have had more tickets (6) in the ten years I have had my blue badge than I did (only 2) in the forty years before that. All were rescinded on appeal.

Incidentally, since 2009 disabled bay markings are legally enforceable in Scotland, even in private, though publicly accessible, car parks.

  MAJ 21:58 28 Mar 2011

I've never had a parking ticket, I just put my hazard lights on, that means I can park anywhere.

  Bingalau 21:59 28 Mar 2011

Supermarkets in this area employ private security people to check that the invalidity bays are only used for the blue badge holders. They also have the ability to check the validity of the blue badges themselves. These "wardens" also ensure that the car parks are not used for all day parking etc. I think the limit is two hours with no returning also enforced. So it doesn't seem to matter that you are on private property at all. The big shopping estate in Southport is patrolled by genuine traffic wardens too. So the huge car park there is subject to their rules and regulations.

I was lucky (?) enough to qualify for a blue badge a couple of years ago when having problems with my spine. I was given a rigorous examination by an official of some sort at the issuing office. She gave me a twelve month temporary one. Then about ten months later I got an invitation to apply again for one. I filled in the necessary form and was expecting to have to attend the exam again. But much to my surprise the new blue badge (for three years) arrived without any further ado. I can only assume that they had checked my medical records and found that I had undergone a rather big operation on my spine since the issue of the previous badge. I must admit I would be lost without it. It's a Godsend as I can only walk about a quarter of a mile with the aid of a stick. Without the stick I can manage about two hundred yards. At the moment I am trying to get my doctor to give me stronger pain killers which I hope may enable me to walk further/faster..

  Dragon_Heart 00:09 29 Mar 2011

....... I just put my hazard lights on, that means I can park anywhere" What do you do for a living MAJ ... a traffic warden ?

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