FIFA 'Put this in your pipe' Boris

  Seth Haniel 19:38 05 Dec 2010

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London Mayor Boris Johnson has revoked FIFA's free hotel rooms at the city's exclusive Dorchester hotel during the 2012 Olympic Games.

  canarieslover 19:42 05 Dec 2010

It begs the question, "Were they offered as a bribe?". With the accusations flying with regard to Russia and FIFA we should really make certain that we are squeaky clean before we judge others.

  octal 19:52 05 Dec 2010

This is all beginning to sound like sour grapes. There may well be problems in FIFA, but I don't think Boris chucking the dummy is going to help, he should concentrate his efforts on trying to lobby for reform, not acting like a silly overgrown schoolboy.

Let FIFA come, at least he would be able to meet them on our own patch and get some answers, that's of course if the want to come :)

  Seth Haniel 20:01 05 Dec 2010

the he's sent the message out to the world now ;)

  Uboat 20:18 05 Dec 2010

Football has never intrested me that much apart from the world cup, im into downhill mountainbiking & id love to basejump! that kinda stuff.
Regards to the thread can of worms comes to mind!

  Grey Goo 20:49 05 Dec 2010

Well they should be able to afford their own accomodation with their (alleged) bungs.

  QuizMan 21:02 05 Dec 2010

canarieslover - my thoughts too when I read this earlier today. And I was not entirely sure what FIFA has to do with the Olympics anyway. I know there is a football competition in the Olympics, but it is rarely up to much and certainly not requiring such a major FIFA presence.

  Strawballs 23:29 05 Dec 2010

Devils advocate here:- what if it had been the other way round and we were the one that had never staged the tournament before and it had been given to us and the other nations cried foul we would be saying why?

  Forum Editor 23:36 05 Dec 2010

in influential positions this country might do considerably better.

He has cancelled the offer of free hotel rooms because he's furious at the way some FIFA committee members promised England their vote, only to renege on that promise in the first round of voting.

FIFA is a disgrace, and Boris is letting them know it. I for one applaud his action.

  spuds 00:35 06 Dec 2010

Doesn't Beckam, Rooney and any of the other football celebrities have any spare rooms going free?.

  n47. 05:34 06 Dec 2010

I do not know how England spent in excess of 15 million pounds on the world cup bid but suspect a lot went on the gravy train of perks to the foreign delegates. Slap up meals, 5 star accommodation and unlimited expenses.

Londoners, like the rest of the country, have to tighten their belts. Why should they continue to give perks to a select bunch of puffed up liars. Let them pay for tickets, flights and accommodation like the rest of us.

The best thing that has happened, world cup wise, is that England will not be applying for any future bid. End of gravy train for Blatter and co.

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