FIFA dictates to Polish government

  Picklefactory 13:29 06 Oct 2008

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Do you think FIFA should be as unaccountable as they apparently are, when dealing with international football? I'm still trawling for more info, but it seems the Polish FA were suspended by their government for failing to deal adequately with corruption within. Surely that is something that should warrant support and applause?
I can understand the arguement for not wishing to mix politics and sport, but FIFA seem to be almost a Junta themselves.

  Condom 14:02 06 Oct 2008

FIFA is what it is. A federation of football associations and nothing other than that. Each of its member organisations are also the same within their own countries and none are government alligned. They have their own rules and regulations which they have to abide by and FIFA has its own disciplinary arrangements. Like it or not that is how it is. The Poland government has suspended its FA for corruption or whatever and FIFA has taken the view that no government has this right. That may be a debatable point. However FIFA invites the local FA to host the European Championship and not a country or its government so it has told the government that with no FA then there is no Championship. That is within FIFA's rules and remit to do this. Personally I think that FIFA is as corrupt as any other large organisation and you only have to look at the bribery allegations when World Cups etc are voted on. What can be done about this situation is very debateable but something needs to be done where serious corruption is alledged although not yet proven. We have a similar situation in Iraq and perhaps it is time that FIFA's wings be clipped a little but doing so I am certain will create just as much furore.

  Picklefactory 14:10 06 Oct 2008

It appears they have a win, win situation on the corruption front. Polish FA is sort of autonamous, so not FIFA's direct resposibility to sort out any alleged corruption, but Polish government is not allowed to sort it either or FIFA take steps!
Sshhh lets keep our corruption nice and quiet, please, and not allow anyone to get to close to it.

I don't know how it could be done, but being a law unto itself will always lead to corruption, IMO.

  Picklefactory 14:22 06 Oct 2008

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Seems it's getting sorted. I'm sure people were jumping through hoops to fix the issue, with the risk of losing such a lucrative and prestigious event.
Maybe that was FIFA's intention?

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