A few unexpected words that changed your life

  Condom 11:31 07 Feb 2009

Has anyone else received a few unexpected words that have changed their life expectations?

My whole younger life I wanted to be a pilot and I applied to join the RAF as soon as I could. I had a wonderful time at the Officer and Aircrew selection centre at Biggin Hill and seemed to be doing well until a medical officer said to me "tell me what number you see there". I replied immediately with "which one do you want as I can see several" to which he replied "you are colour blind and can never fly"

That moment changed my life expectations for ever as I had no idea I was colour blind until that moment. I was also a budding artist and gave Saturday morning lessons in art so colour was something I thought I was good at expressing.

I was still offered a commission in the RAF but turned it down as I just felt I could not be in the RAF and not fly.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:38 07 Feb 2009

Its twins"


  Forum Editor 11:40 07 Feb 2009

I will".

  spuds 11:48 07 Feb 2009

Telephone call: "Is that ....".

  Si_L 12:01 07 Feb 2009

I don't mean for this to sound rude or anything, but how could you not tell that you were colour blind? Or was it partially colour blind or something?

  jack 12:02 07 Feb 2009


  Grey Goo 12:10 07 Feb 2009

"I can't guarantee both your legs will be the same length after the operation",surgeon explaining one of the possible side effects of a hip replacement.

  g0nvs 13:17 07 Feb 2009

My ex-wife, "I'm leaving".

  Dizzy Bob 13:28 07 Feb 2009

"It's a boy"


  Jim Thing 14:10 07 Feb 2009

"I'm so sorry. We were unable to save her."

  Wilham 14:17 07 Feb 2009

I took the test in 1943. When done, the WAAF let me look through the test book. "I can't read this one" I said.
"Good" she replied."We use it when we think people are guessing."

About 25% failed the test. click here

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