A Few Step's To Far-- Perhaps?

  spuds 13:08 13 Jun 2008

Every day it appears that in media reports, television programs or word of mouth, something is happening to change the ways of the law abiding,ancient practises, either by government, local or national, and more so perhaps by Brussels and the politicians and legal people of the EU.

Yesterday I was reading about the possible banning of using sticks and swords in Morris dancing or similar 'aged' activities, due to health and safety issues. There was also a mention that this banning would not interfere with martial arts activities and similar sport (javelin throwing/shot putting).No mention of conkers, but isn't that banned by some education authorities already!.

Later there was a further article about banning pets in family run bed and breakfast places, due to hygiene and safety regulations. In the main this would effect the small farmer or a bedroom to spare enterprise, so perhaps causing the old established small B&B market to diminish over time.

At the same time, in the same newspaper, it was saying how immigration was completely out of hands, because the UK government had no real checks in force. Immigrants were moving around on a constant basis, usually living in cramped accommodation which results in no community charges or similar taxation burdens being made. Yet at the same time, an old aged pensioner was being sent to jail because she as refused to pay part of her community charge, due to the council not emptying her bin.

We elect (perhaps) politicians, either at local or national level, who are suppose to represent the people (who elected them!), yet even that seems to contradict peoples after thoughts, on how they are being represented and by whom.

It seems if you are honest and law abiding, then your life can turn at the thought or glance of another.

Can all this be right, and are we heading in the right directions.Should those acting on your behalf, listen to the public and everyday people more?.

  Marko797 13:37 13 Jun 2008

on your last point, listening more, the thory of this is OK, but the problem is they don't do anything with what they hear.

Gordon Borwon and maybe Lab in general keep saying they are 'listening', but I can't see what they're doing with, or about, any of what they have heard.

  peter99co 13:38 13 Jun 2008

I am aware in day to day life of a continuous erosion of our normally accepted freedoms in the name of health and safety and it seems to be a trend that is gathering pace. This is exactly what David Davis is talking about. This is nothing to do with the 42 day matter it is the 'Powers that be telling us they know better' We are no longer allowed to use our own common sense we need rules,regulations,guides,directives and on and on etc. It will never stop because those who produce this fodder do not take account of our personal needs. It will get to the point that going outside your house will require you to have some kind of personal insurance in case you commit some sort of offence that you are not aware of because of the vast extent of regulation being beyond your knowledge to absorb.God help us. I do acknowledge that sensible rules are required but I think Pandora's Box has opened!

  Marko797 13:43 13 Jun 2008

I'm sure that counselling would be available for those that fall into the habit of committing offenses unwittingly :-)

  interzone55 14:03 13 Jun 2008

The problem with H & S is nothing to do with government legislation, it's entirely down to councils & companies being afraid of people who will sue them after accidents.

This is the fault of no win no fee solicitors who can happily start legal proceedings safe in the knowledge that they win either way.

Did anyone see the story on the news yesterday about the mother in New York who has been branded the "Worst Mother in the World" for allowing her 10 year old son to find his own way home on public transport. A journey of about 2 miles. How is she worse than the parents who sell their kids to pedophile rings, or lock them in cellars for a couple of decades.

If we carry on molly coddling our kids they will not be able to cope when we send them off into the big bad world...

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