Ferrari and F1

  Strawballs 00:36 31 Dec 2008

I know this is quite old news but I have not seen it here click here Who says they don't get specials deals!!!!!!!

  AL47 00:50 31 Dec 2008

i dont even need to click to kno what it is!

i said a while back to myself that 09 will be the last season i watch, which hurts, ive been following avidly for years, ive just had it with engine plans, corruption, cheating, bias, ditching good tracks for money

this is a business and not a sort anymore

  AL47 00:51 31 Dec 2008

to add
i had to fntastic watching years, 05, 06

[renault supporter]

  Strawballs 00:52 31 Dec 2008

It is nothing to do with engine deals, it is to do with a deal they have had since 2002

  rdave13 00:53 31 Dec 2008

What can you say about that?
Sports hasn't been true sports when business comes in to it.
It's true of all sports today.
Isn't it?

  AL47 00:54 31 Dec 2008

yeah, i just meant this engine freeze etc, standard engines, ive had enough, its all too much


  AL47 00:57 31 Dec 2008

f1 is exceptionally bad for it, and it doesnt have to be, the btcc [before seat left] was great fun to watch

  Strawballs 00:57 31 Dec 2008

I was a big fan of Alonso and Renault back then but went off him when he spat the dummy when a young upstart was beating him in an equal car

  Strawballs 01:07 31 Dec 2008

It can be similar in Motor GP I prefer to watch WSB

  AL47 01:08 31 Dec 2008

i must admit he lost alot of his broader audience then,
also i wouldnt be able to cheer him on if he is in a ferrari,

renault will always be my team, such a shame the sport is heading down hill, scrapping canada, all these innovation bans, the FIA/bernie/max, ah what ya gonna do?

it used to be that a small team could get ahead of a big budget team with something innovative, recently renaults mass dampner = banned, [ok they werent tiny, but lack money of the biggest]

no room for lotus etc these days, just look at super aguri and the like

i still say just a set budget cap at say £100million a year and [relatively] free reign on developement

  Strawballs 01:13 31 Dec 2008

The whole point of F1 is suppose to be the pinnacle technical achievment advances they make can make road cars a lot safer as F1 teams are willing to money that road car makers back off from

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