Ferrari 458 on fire

  peter99co 17:01 24 Aug 2010

click here

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on board if you buy one :-)

  Noldi 17:51 24 Aug 2010

"I'm not at all suprised if a Ferrari crashes given that many of them are bought by people who have no idea how to drive a powerful car"

I worked in Maranello in the 90s when the F50 came out. If purchased a car it was detuned unless you asked for it not to be and signed a contract. They had a lot of cases in USA with the F40 and people having heath problems while driving them, a lot of owners where the wrong side of 60.


  Strawballs 19:36 24 Aug 2010

Best thing for them!!!

  Strawballs 19:40 24 Aug 2010

10 in 3 months and all they say is that they are aware of the problem any other manufacturer would have been recalling them a lot quicker, what are they waiting for someone to get killed before they do anything about it!!!

  SatiricAnalytic 19:47 24 Aug 2010

Agreed! Ferraris are vile!

  Strawballs 22:44 24 Aug 2010

So you think £170,000 cars bursting into flames far too easy is not a problem

  timsmith259 01:40 25 Aug 2010

i remember seeing a youtube video where a guy pulls into the petrol station to fill up the Ferrari.

As he fills it up with some gasoline, some drips fall onto the exhaust pipe which is very hot and the whole car catches fire.

  peter99co 19:46 25 Aug 2010

one car caught fire between the hotel car park and the front of the hotel. It was being ferried by hotel staff for a just departing guest.

  Monoux 13:32 02 Sep 2010

It seems Ferrari have urgently recalled all 1248 vehicles of model 458 Italia. A fault has been found with the glue used on the rear wheel arch near which can ignite on a very hot day or if the car has been driven at speed for a prolonged period.

Customers whose car has been destroyed by the fault will get free replacements.

So it ssems £170,000 cars bursting into flames is a problem after all.

  peter99co 14:16 02 Sep 2010

All is well then. Volatile stuff in more ways than one.

I hope it (the glue)gets diluted to be less of a fire risk or we may have some idiot using it for the wrong purpose.

  Strawballs 22:40 02 Sep 2010

Now I see why it is a prancing horse, its backside is on fire.

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