A fence to stop been burgled..

  barca1 15:04 04 Jun 2008

I was laid in bed this morning & it was around 0920 i was fast asleep when i heard the other half SCREAM "Get out i am calling the police" i shouted down "Whats up" apparently two 20 year old looking kids tried to break in to our Garage with a VERY large screwdriver,

I shot downstairs but they had bolted out of the area, The reason that i could think is that we live down a busy street & WE HAVENT A FENCE, So i called a friend that builds fences & asked him to help me today,

He come,we went & got the wood at 5 foot lenths & the post's,concrete & the screws..Only to be told i cannot build a fence as high as that, Where i live is crime ridden & the police know that, So i called the local council who Horrified me & confirmed the absolute maximum i can go is THREE FOOT!!..

Thats going to stop them isnt it...Why cant we build higher..?? my next door neibour's hedge is 8 foot high....I am not sure what to do now as i should be outside helping..Why or Why...Councils need to wake up...

  Cymro. 15:13 04 Jun 2008

Well you know your own council better than me but 3 feet sounds ridiculous. I am not sure of such regulations around here but people are building fences up to all sort of height.

Surely there must be some way round such a stupid rule. How would it be if you built a chain link fence and then planted those fast growing conifers up against it?

  peter99co 15:17 04 Jun 2008

Leave the fence and fit a Camera and Garage Alarm.
A sign indicating you have security system and then check your house insurance is up to date. If you go to live behind a high fence you will shield the criminals from being seen from the road. You can even get a PIR outside light that chimes in daylight if anyone goes near the garage.
If they think a screwdriver is good enough to break a lock, then the lock and hasp is not good enough for the job.

  Cymro. 15:25 04 Jun 2008

"If you go to live behind a high fence you will shield the criminals from being seen from the road"
Good thinking there peter.

What do the rules say about a chain link fence or steel railings? something that would not provide cover for the criminals.

  Jim Thing 16:00 04 Jun 2008

Consider planting a berberis hedge. Here's a short extract from a write-up:

[Berberis are] "...valued for crime prevention; being very dense, viciously spiny shrubs, they make very effective barriers impenetrable to burglars. For this reason they are often planted below potentially vulnerable windows, and used as hedges and other barriers."

The vicious spines on some varieties can grow to more than 1" long. Ask at your local garden centre.

  Woolwell 16:00 04 Jun 2008

The council are correct click here
for a fence next to the highway.

If you have listed building or live in a conservation area then it gets even more difficult.

peter99co gives good advice.

  Forum Editor 16:05 04 Jun 2008

under what are called permitted development rights. This part of the planning laws allows householders to carry out certain works on their properties without the palaver of making formal planning applications.

The usual permitted development height for a garden fence is 2.1 metres from ground level on the side of the fence which is the fence-owner's property. Many local authorities (most in fact) withdraw the permitted development right in respect of fences at the front of houses however, and for good reason - imagine a street in which all the houses had front garden fences 2.1 metres high, it would look awful.

Your front fence would normally permitted to be a maximum of 1.1 metres from ground level, and it sounds as if that's exactly what your council has said. It's not a stupid rule, as someone called it - it's done for aesthetic reasons, and quite right too.

  Stuartli 16:26 04 Jun 2008

I was just going to point out the same regulations as the FE, but was beaten to it.

In any case, a fence won't keep out intruders - they'd just open the gate in the majority of cases.

One way around the perimeter of your property is to use prickly plant fences such as those mentioned in this link:

click here

  BT 16:42 04 Jun 2008

"Consider planting a berberis hedge"

Pyrocanthus is pretty spiky too. The only problem is hedges take a few years to get to a useful height.

  peter99co 16:54 04 Jun 2008

Try to think like a criminal and then think what would make you think twice about going after your garage. Above all you may have to spend around £40 for a good lock and hasp. A lot of white vans have started fitting a big round lock which fit into a sheilded hasp. Burglers see them and go elsewere. Maplin sell a Camera and Monitor for keeping an eye on a stable for horses and seem very effective. Less than £50 I think. Add a PIR chimer and you have early warning of someone in the area. Watch out for Foxes and Cats.

  barca1 17:10 04 Jun 2008

thanks everyone, there is a halogen floodlight that has a thing that you plug into the wall & when the light is triggered off the thing that is in the plug socket bleeps letting you know BUT i cant find one ANYWHERE..?
does anyone know where to buy this light from..?

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