Felipe Massa

  crosstrainer 21:54 26 Jul 2009

I'm sure all here will wish him a speedy and complete recovery. I have just heard that Ferrari are considering asking Michael Shumacer to stand in while he recuperates.

  crosstrainer 21:57 26 Jul 2009
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:23 26 Jul 2009

Yes being hit on the head by a couple of pound weight at 150mph is going to hurt.

His helmet certainly save his life.

I don't think he'll race for a couple of months but with all teams taking a month off he may race agian before the end of the season.

  Stuartli 23:02 26 Jul 2009

The hope that Massa recovers quickly is firmly seconded by me.

Ironic that Henry, the just 18-year-old son of John Surtees, was killed in a similar accident recently by a wheel from another Forumla Two race competitor's car.

It was lucky that the same thing didn't happen today when Fernando Alonso's Renault lost a front wheel during the Hungarian race, which might well have ended up in one of the spectators' areas.

  Noldi 06:24 27 Jul 2009

"with all teams taking a month off he may race agian before the end of the season."

2 weeks is the actual plant shut down time, these will all happen in the next 3 week time scale.

If the injuries are how I hear are correct then he will have quite a long recovery period. Racing drivers are under a lot of physical pressure and have to be amazingly fit to perform. With 2.5 months left until the end of season it will be tight timescale to get him back into a race car.

Good luck Felipe one of the best on the grid.


  crosstrainer 06:33 27 Jul 2009

This morning is not as good as I'd hoped:

"Massa remains in a life threatening but stable condition"

I guess he will have the best of care that money can buy...

Hoping for the best.

  Noldi 11:05 27 Jul 2009

"Massa remains in a life threatening but stable condition"

He remains in an induced coma, that is normal with racing drivers with any type of head injury. E.G Mika Hakkinen (Australia GP) Karl Wendliger (Monaco GP) are ones that spring to mind at the moment.


  crosstrainer 11:10 27 Jul 2009

Just had another update, He is able to move his arms, and communicate using gestures. The F1 bod's say that it is highly unlikely that he will drive for Ferrari again this season, at least the news is improving. I wonder if they will put Schumacher in the second car?

  Quickbeam 11:37 27 Jul 2009

"I wonder if they will put Schumacher in the second car?"
That would be an interesting comparison for the new post Schumacher school of drivers that have been getting hailed as drivers with the potential of Schumacher since his retirement.

This incident along with the Renault wheel loss in the same race, and the death of John Surtees' son also by debris (another wheel loss) will have racing looking at this type of incident very closely. They have made the cars so safe for the driver from crash impacts, they have probably gotten a false sense of security about other causes of injury.

  crosstrainer 11:44 27 Jul 2009

There are mutterings about cockpit covers, but frankly I think this is far worse...What happens in the event of a fire?

It is a dangerous sport. I can still remember the tragic weekend when we lost Senna and Ratzenberger. It has to be said that F1 is much safer than it used to be, and what happened was just a freak accident. The wheel issue on Alonso's car was poor pit work, and the team have been duly punished. I really can't see how they can make it any safer. I crash at 170MPH+ would render any road car, no matter how well made, a pile of twisted metal with dead occupants. It's a tribute to the FIA and the teams that these cars survive high speed accidents very well, and that the drivers usually walk away.

The 2 incidents were in fact not the fault of the car's, but that of debris, something I just don't think you can legislate for.

  peter99co 18:09 27 Jul 2009

The Ferrari driver's surgeon confirmed Massa's eye was injured when a spring from Ruben Barrichello's car hit him in qualifying in Hungary on Saturday.

"We don't know if he'll be able to race again. It's too early to say about his future," added surgeon Robert Veres.

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