Fees rise will keep foreign student charges lower

  john 52 21:28 10 Nov 2010

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So there we have it ! when Nick Clegg gave a pledge to oppose any increase in student tuition fees in the LD manifesto they actually meant for foreign students

  Uboat 21:58 10 Nov 2010

You know John! im Saturated with all this politics..
it is starting to make me feel like running away & never coming back..

Where i live there is a possible 1500 people about to loose there jobs next month due to the goverment cutbacks very nice ontop of xmas and all...

In my local paper its a everyday thing now headlines front page relating to politics..i wish i could crawl in a hole and not come out for ten years...its boring its worrying its who to trust now a days.....

  john 52 22:29 10 Nov 2010

Do not get downhearted Uboat ! life will still go on but I am afraid things that affect peoples lives will always be up for discussion and it is a good way to let off steam and to be honest we are lucky to be able to air our views .
Your comment about 1500 jobs that will be lost is sad because it is in fact 1500 families who will face an uncertain future

  Uboat 22:36 10 Nov 2010

Yeah John i Appreciate your kind support!
& yes 1500 families will suffer, the thing is there is no jobs to apply for & yet Dole are putting people on these courses to look for work & there is none.??
Thankx again John!!

  timsmith259 07:11 11 Nov 2010

I wonder it this has something to do with council tax since students get a rebate but its another way to tax them through higher fees

  morddwyd 08:16 11 Nov 2010

Let's e honest, only a minority of foreign students pay their own fees.

Most of them are on scholarships or sponsorship deals, or, for instance like many Chinese and African students, are paid for by their governement

  morddwyd 09:06 11 Nov 2010

Or even "be honest"!

  carver 09:43 11 Nov 2010

I would have thought his timing could have been better over this statement, I can imagine a scenario were a parent is stood in front of his child explaining why they can't go to UNI, but on the bright side they will be able to rent the spare room to a Chinese student.

  carver 10:22 11 Nov 2010

"He was asked a question and gave an honest answer"

I'm sorry but he's a politician and since when have they ever given an honest answer to a question. That answer he gave was just a kick in the face to all the ENGLISH students he is pricing out of UNI places and make all the excuses you want, his timing was crap.

  timsmith259 13:31 11 Nov 2010

time to call in the British Council or sorrryn its bitish council. coz they talk a load of BS

  carver 15:22 11 Nov 2010

Sorry to have to disagree with you (again) but why is today any different than any other day, or are you referring to a minority of people who hijacked a demonstration just so they could cause trouble.

If you had taken the time and effort to hear what the police had said you would have realized that it was a peaceful demonstration at first until it was hijacked.

And in answer to your first line, what I would prefer is a coalition party that would at least Honour a clear undertaking on the part of the Liberal party to not raise University fees.

But once again Clegg has shown he will sell his soul for a chance at power, and before you say anything I can assure you I saw him stand in front of several hundred students and tell them that they had his word that fees would not go up if the Liberals got into power.

So that answers your first question, you can not trust a politician to tell the truth, whether in power or not, so he might just as well have glossed over his triumph at raising the fees.

Hallam voted Clegg in on the strength of the students and this is how they are treated, but if the feed back I am getting has any thing to do with the next election Clegg will be looking for another job.

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