Feed a fever, starve a chill

  WhiteTruckMan 19:01 28 Feb 2011

Is there any truth to this, or is it just an old wives tale?

I should declare my reasons for asking, in that I have come down with something 'orrible (shivers & sweats), and I dont feel much like eating, just having some fruit juice.

Lucky (?) it happened just at the start of my mandatory weekly rest period.


  uk-wizard 19:05 28 Feb 2011

Just have some fluids, unless you are on medication, a day ot two without food wont hurt.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:12 28 Feb 2011

that I am checking out a very old saying, possibly a myth, and not actually asking for medical advice.

Weasel words over.


  Blackhat 19:14 28 Feb 2011

I don’t know about fevers & chills but the best I heard was that if you treat a cold it lasts for 2 weeks but if you leave it alone it only lasts a fortnight!

  sunnystaines 19:20 28 Feb 2011

burn them out with a spoonful of naga ghost chilli sauce

  peter99co 19:29 28 Feb 2011

To my knowledge it is "Feed a cold and starve a fever".

  ams4127 19:31 28 Feb 2011

Damn, you don't live anywhere near me do you?

I'm down with the same thing and just started my final bit of leave before retiring. Not happy!

  peter99co 19:33 28 Feb 2011

You relaxed your guard because you knew you were to have a break. It happened to me once just before a 2 week break I caught a cold. I went back to work after it had gone, 14 days later.

I think stress keeps away a cold.

Keep taking plenty of fluids.

  morddwyd 19:44 28 Feb 2011

It should be "Feed a cold or starve a fever".

The way it is used is actually a corruption of the old saying itself, which I understand does have some medical basis.

It really means "Feed a cold or you will be starving a fever" in other words, try to feed some one with a cold (the old chicken soup remedy!) or you will end up starving a fever.

  birdface 19:53 28 Feb 2011

A nice hot curry will do you the world of good.
Wash it down with a couple of large Brandy's that should help you sweat it out.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:54 28 Feb 2011

is off to germany (no kidding), saying she should be safe from it there. So far I don't have the shivering fits (ahem) and sunnystains advice to the contrary I intend to carry on avoiding them (thanks though).

Morddwyd- Although I'm not exactly firing on all four, I've read your post 5 times now and still not figured it out.


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