fed up with it all

  Kevscar1 15:04 09 Sep 2010

Got to see RSD specialist again 28th. Now have to see vascular surgeon next month as the Hot and Cold water Contrast therapy the Hand Therapists put me on ( 2nd worst possible treatment for RSD) has apparantly damaged the blood vessels in the hand0
Also waitng for appointments with another orthopeadic surgeon, hand therapist, talk therapist 2nd RSD specialist and psychologist.
To top it all got a letter from the DWP, evidently their doctor who had to come to the house because I can't travel says I'm fit to work so they are stopping my benefits.

  lotvic 15:30 09 Sep 2010

Arrgggh what a farce, that means you are going to have to ask for decision to be looked at again and if no joy then appeal.

Wonder what your RSD specialist on 28th will have to say when you show him/her the letter, hopefully specialist will 'blow top' and give you written support letter for request to have decision looked at again.

  MAJ 16:15 09 Sep 2010

We don't know how bad your medical condition is, Kevscar, but, on the face of it, it doesn't seem to be trivial and these DWP doctors can be tricky. What gets me angry is seeing the local alcoholics, on top level DLA, dandering around town and no one pestering them. When they get a form to fill in to renew their DLA, they sign themselves in to the local Addiction Unit for a few days and get the Social Workers to sort everything out for them, then it's back to the graveyard or playing fields, for another drinking session. There's something wrong somewhere.

  bri-an 16:25 09 Sep 2010

Maybe the new regulations to get as many as possible off the 'sick' mean that if you can operate a keyboard then you are capable of work ?

Wonder what criteria the doctor actually used?

  birdface 16:30 09 Sep 2010

Unfortunately the system has been open to abuse for years.
Healthier folk than myself getting those benefits and should not be entitled to them.
Then you get someone who needs them and is entitled to them getting knocked back fro receiving them.
David Cameron did say he was going to cut back on those receivig help when not needed.
Unfortunately some people are not receiving it when they should be getting it.
Probably an appeal will sort it out for you.

  sunnystaines 16:48 09 Sep 2010

does the doc get a bonus for each one he says can now work?

  jakimo 17:08 09 Sep 2010

Things not going too well for you at the moment.

the thing about pain and discomfort is that it cannot be seen as an object,assessments are all very well but as a doctor once told me "theres a lot we don't understand and a diagnosis may not always be right".You just have to keep taking the tablets until the right on is found.

  Pineman100 17:37 09 Sep 2010

I'm sorry to hear about this tough situation for you.

I believe it's your right to see a copy of the report on your condition that was written by the assessing doctor. I suggest you ask for this, and then discuss it with your own doctor and/or specialists. They may be able to see gaping flaws in it which would support an appeal against the assessment.

  Armchair 17:42 09 Sep 2010

If you're classed as fit for work you can apply for Job Seeker's Allowance.

  I am Spartacus 17:48 09 Sep 2010

As Pineman100 suggests get hold of a copy of the Medical Assessment report and submit an appeal. When you do submit the appeal specifically request that they backdate any outstanding entitlements/allowances otherwise they'll just do it from the date you send the appeal in. You're entitled to have them backdated.

Once you have the report look for any flaws or contradictions and include those in the appeal as well as the reasons why you think you are not fit to work and a report from your GP and Consultant(s) will be helpful.

They have a massive backlog of appeals so it will take a few months before they make a decision and then a lot longer for it to go to a Tribunal. They will still pay your allowances until the Tribunal has been heard.

  spuds 18:01 09 Sep 2010

Was it an actual DWP appointed doctor who paid a visit, or was it one of the many 'tick-boxes' who now act as substitutes for an actual medical practitioner?.

If its the later, then the decision could all depend on how the questions were answered, and how you reacted on the day.

You can request a copy of the judgement, and that should also contain information as to the appeal procedures.

With regards to alcoholics, the judgement is usually based on internal injury and mental health, which as a different score rating for assessment purposes.

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