Fed up with 0870 numbers?

  newman35 07:51 25 Feb 2007

I'm finding that more and more businesses are using 0870 numbers, and they cost a lot when compared to 'normal' 01/02 type numbers - and nearly always put you in a queue.
Then you are paying about 8p a min to listen to their music or blurb.
I have a package that gives me 'free' calls, but, of course, these 0870 numbers are excluded!

  georgemac © 08:21 25 Feb 2007

click here it will end in January 2008 anyway, if companies still want o charge more than the geographic rate there will be a warning at the start of the call

in the meantime use this site to find alternative numbers click here

  newman35 08:40 25 Feb 2007

Good to hear 0870 is being stopped next year, but (if I read your link correctly) the companies will just be able to switch to 0871!
What a shambles, should the 'regulator' not be looking after consumer interests?
I find it incredibly hard to know the difference between all these different numbers, 0870/0871/0845/0844 etc and now you mention 03 as well. Confused - yes I am, and I think I may not be alone!!

  georgemac © 09:29 25 Feb 2007

I never mentioned 03 but these will be introduced but under the same rules as 0870 numbers - these will be included in call packages etc, but if a company wants to charge more the caller will hear a pre-recorded message before they are connected or charged telling them how much the call will cost

cannot find out any info about 0871 - the ultimate choice is you do not dial it or refuse to buy products from companies who use these numbers?

  newman35 09:34 25 Feb 2007

03 was mentioned on the site you gave me.
I will certainly be trying to avoid 0870 companies when buying stuff - rip-off merchants.
The 'sayno to 0870' site looks interesting though, thanks for that.

  spuds 12:58 25 Feb 2007

This past week, I have used a 0870 telephone number 6 times. In each case, I was placed on-hold for a considerable time. Very annoying, when you keep being told " your call is important to us", especially when I am footing the bill I would imagine. In each case, when I made contact with a human, the conversation didn't take very long at all.

  newman35 22:45 25 Feb 2007

The forums on the 'saynoto0870' site are most interesting,I only came across them by accident. This 0870 scam is far more pernicious than I thought.
There is even a petition to the Prime Minister that I've now signed, at click here.
Funny the things you learn on this forum!

  [email protected] 22:49 25 Feb 2007

Do companies that use 0870 numbers actually get a cut of the cost or is it only premium lines that do that?

  Stuartli 23:15 25 Feb 2007

Yes, they get a cut.

Many of the UK's top companies use such numbers.

  newman35 07:32 26 Feb 2007

Which is why they also hold you in queues for lengthy spells so that they are getting their 'cut'of your money. If you dial on an ordinary 01/02 type number they get nothing.
I object to being forced to use 0870 when something has gone wrong with THEIR product - and they can hold me in a queue and make me pay more because of THEIR faulty goods!
I don't mind 'premium rate' numbers like 09... because then you know you are paying extra for that service (and cannot be put in a queue, I think) - but 0870 is really 'premium' also, but they don't have to tell you it's costing you more! Sign the petition!

  newman35 07:48 26 Feb 2007

ps Should have said, well done to PC Advisor for using '0rdinary' contact numbers, not 0870 scam.

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