FE and everyone at PC Advisor and Forum People

  daytimers82 16:05 30 Jul 2010

What's your success how did you get from where you were once to where you are now.

Did you listen to peoples advice, did you read books, listen to success CD's, if so what were the titles

which book or CD would you recommend

Thanking you all for your kind contributions in success

  Pine Man 16:23 30 Jul 2010

Hard work.
No recommendations.

  nangadef 16:37 30 Jul 2010

Hard work, aptitude, conscientiousness and luck - being in the right place at the right time


Not applicable

You're welcome

  sunnystaines 16:42 30 Jul 2010

knew nothing then went to night school at a college to learn how to build a pc and how to diagnose and repair problems it was a great course 90% hands on too, the rest is by experience helping friends out researching problems on the net and using PCA forum etc

  sunnystaines 16:43 30 Jul 2010

bulding your own pc is a great learning curve

  Forum Editor 19:08 30 Jul 2010

"how did you get from where you were once to where you are now." probably has too much time on his or her hands, and is self-centred to boot.

In my experience you don't recall your progress through life in great detail, you're too busy living and working, and where you are now is where you are - there's rarely any plan involved.

That isn't to say that you can't remember what happens along the way - you can, if you sit down and think about it - but in truth most peoples' minds are too full of what they're doing now, and most of us tend not to dwell in or on the past.

I know someone who is a ghost writer - she collaborates with famous people when they're writing their autobiographies. She tells me that most of them remember remarkably little about how they got where they are - they've been too busy just doing it. She has to sit with them for days, coaxing little snippets of information from them, and does research in libraries and amongst the friends and colleagues of her clients.

A good friend of mine is a multi-millionaire, and made his money in international banking - mainly in the far east. He's English, but has retired to live in some style in Australia. I visit him from time to time, and was with him earlier this year. As we leaned on the railing of his balcony overlooking the sea one evening I asked him what was the secret of his success. "Luck" he said. "I was lucky to be in the right places at the right times, and the rest was easy".

  onthelimit 19:23 30 Jul 2010

I agree with FE (well you would, wouldn't you!). I always wanted to fly, but was told I didn't have the required qualifications, so became a GPO telephone engineer. Eight yrs later in a pub, scanned a Daily Telegraph to find an ad for the RAF for pilots - minimum 5 'O'Levels required (which I had). Four months later I was in aircrew training and enjoyed 40 yrs of military flying - fantastic! Now retired from that and trying to learn more about confusers - never too late!

  john 52 19:31 30 Jul 2010


how did you get from where you were once to where you are now.

Ill health and old age :-(

But really its down to hard work and luck such as being in the right place at the right time as the FE has said ,I am also a great believer in fate

  Blackhat 19:45 30 Jul 2010

Right place, right time & luck have to be the main ingredients to success so long as you realise the opportunities that present them selves as and when.

I didn’t know when I took a job at a certain company that the MD was to retire a year later and allow me to buy him out, then changes in my market environment allowed me the opportunity to set up another company alongside, without a plan to be in the position I am, I now own a couple of factories.

  sunnystaines 20:29 30 Jul 2010

thats what i would have liked but read the wrong paper and missed the ad, but happy with my lot except medical matters.

  Paddylad 20:43 30 Jul 2010

I agree with all that's been said, and would like to add another ingredient. A modicum of intelligence to recognise an opportunity when lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

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