FE: Belkin UPS, Amsterdam, candles...

  exdragon 19:49 23 Jan 2006

Did I miss the thrilling instalment you promised us in your November blog? I've been on tenterhooks ever since I read it!

  Forum Editor 19:54 23 Jan 2006

Well, to be perfectly honest (and don't let this go any further at all) I've been so busy since then, what with Christmas, travelling a million miles - or that's what it felt like - and so on that I haven't managed to unpack the little devils yet.

Now that you've pricked my conscience I'm off to find the boxes - unless my wife wrapped them with the other presents, in which case I may have a very puzzled ten-year-old nephew.

  exdragon 20:10 23 Jan 2006

OK, I'll forgive you, so let's just keep it between the 2 of us for now.

  exdragon 20:11 23 Jan 2006

Do you ever sleep? You seem to be absolutely everywhere, all the time! You don't look sleep-deprived in your photo!!

  Forum Editor 20:21 23 Jan 2006

that PCA make-up girl.

And anyway, I do sleep, hunched over this keyboard at 1:30 in the morning. I sometimes work late at night for my clients in the Far east and Australia, it's a pattern we've established so they can have reports etc. first thing in their morning. I can work on their websites, which are on servers in their offices, whilst they and their customers are sleeping. They can respond with their comments whilst I'm in bed, I'll get those before lunch the next day, and off we go again. It makes sense to us, anyway.

My wife once said "Why do you always give that huge sigh each night when you creep into bed in the early hours?"

  Totally-braindead 20:21 23 Jan 2006

exmpdragon perhaps he has a stunt double!

  exdragon 20:24 23 Jan 2006

You realise you make me feel totally inadequate? I 'retired' about a year ago, but still do odd stints as required, but some days I turn the computer on while I'm getitng dressed then suddenly realise it's lunch time and I've missed breakfast. Not too sure what I actually do, but coupled with my other passion for photography, it passes the time quite nicely!

  exdragon 20:33 23 Jan 2006

Nah - he's a one off. Haven't you noticed his brilliant grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction etc? No one else could emulate that.

I feel the descent of the silver mouse at any minute...

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