Favourite piece of clothing

  The Brigadier 17:58 22 May 2007

The reason i ask is Mrs B has just made me chuck out my old barbour jacket & it was only 22 years old!
Off to buy another one as soon as i come up to London next.

  Forum Editor 18:17 22 May 2007

I wouldn't buy a Barbour jacket in London unless I had no other choice - I bought mine in Norfolk for a good deal less than London prices.

Favourite item of clothing? Yes, a pair of cowboy boots that I bought in Texas in 1989. I love them, but my wife doesn't, she says if she wanted a cowboy she would go back and get the one who danced with her when we were in Calgary, and I was too ill with flu to go out with her and my client. His name was Mike (cowboy, not client), and apparently he held her tight.

When I wear my boots I'm taller than Mike,but I don't dance as well, she says.

Stay away from London, Mike, this town ain't big enough, etc.

  Cymro. 18:19 22 May 2007

Women buy new clothes so as to keep up with fashion, but men, if left to their own devices would only buy new clothes when their old stuff has worn out.

  FungusBoggieman 18:20 22 May 2007

a pair of fishing sock
warm, snug and soothing.
I eaven wear then at home when its chilly.
no im not sad nither.

  laurie53 18:23 22 May 2007

22 years old for a Barbour? That's practically brand new; I've got shirts older than that (honest), and they're not even favourites!


  Kate B 18:27 22 May 2007

My pink corset. It's absolutely gorgeous: loads of steel boning, black laces up the back and covered in beautiful pink Chinese-style silk. I love wearing it, though don't get the chance very often.

  Woolwell 20:25 22 May 2007

Having seen Kate B's post I'm not surprised there hasn't been another comment for a while. How do you follow that?

I was going to say "Tilley Hat". But it now seems irrelevant.

  Bingalau 20:44 22 May 2007

What in the name of heaven is a "Tilley Hat"? I've heard of a Tilley Lamp but not a Tilley Hat.
My favourite piece of clothing is my Birthday Suit. I hope it sees many more birthdays too.

  Bingalau 20:45 22 May 2007

You never know which way these threads are going to go do you?

  mammak 20:48 22 May 2007

This sure wont be as interesting as Kates erm eyes raise :-)

but my favorite is my Levis had them years and feel good in them! bought loads of brands off jeans but my 501s wont get chucked they are tops for comfort.

  exdragon 20:51 22 May 2007

click here

Here's the Tilley site. Rumour has it one of their hats was eaten by an elephant...retrieved...and replaced by Tilley...

Even comes with an owner's manual - the hat, not jumbo

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