Favourite Movie of all time.

  lisa02 18:00 15 Sep 2006

Mine is American History X.


  Curio 18:02 15 Sep 2006

Star Wars Series

  lisa02 18:04 15 Sep 2006

That's six movies.

  Curio 18:06 15 Sep 2006

Absolutely correct!

  Diemmess 18:08 15 Sep 2006

Difficult, because what seemed splendid at the time seems ordinary to me years later.

If you must have a name then SHANE the only traditional western where in spite of the tension you could still count the gunshots on your fingers by the time Alan Ladd rode off into the sunset.

If anyone wants to know I will attempt to describe each shot!!!!

  lisa02 18:11 15 Sep 2006

I have been watching them all on Sky Movies recently. I love them, did you see the comedy sketch (the only authorised sketch) telling the entire story in 20 mins? I watched the last half of it, wish I'd seen it all.

  wolfie3000 18:11 15 Sep 2006

Tomb raider,

But this will change when the Halo movie is released next year. :)

  mammak 18:13 15 Sep 2006

"Gone with the wind" an all time classic in my opinion,I have watched it countless times and it still has me glued to the screen.

  Diemmess 18:14 15 Sep 2006

El Cid
My first view of an epic in a large cinema with wall to wall screen and surround sound.
On holiday in Bournemouth and used to local flea-pit by then.

  Forum Editor 18:15 15 Sep 2006

as is Brief encounters.

Then there's Death in Venice, and The birds, and Spring in a Small Town.

Not to mention Pale Rider, High Plains drifter, Double indemnity, Citizen Kane, and the African Queen.

  jimv7 18:16 15 Sep 2006

Strange Curio and lisa02, I have seen and have got all 7 of them.

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