Favourite breakfast cereals

  simonjary 18:04 13 Nov 2008

Whatever happened to Golden Nuggets? "They Taste Yeee Haa!!"

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  User-1229748 18:20 13 Nov 2008

can't beat a casserole dish full of rice krispies loads of sugar and about half way up with the cold milk :0)

  MAT ALAN 18:24 13 Nov 2008

Dustbin full of sugar Puff's does it for me....

  tullie 18:27 13 Nov 2008

Weetbix,loads of milk and sugag.

I dont think FE likes these nonsense postings,so beware!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 13 Nov 2008

The ones that come before the bacon egg and tomatoes.

Oops now I've done it Bingalu will startoff on his tinned tomatoes fad again.


  Forum Editor 18:35 13 Nov 2008

Is it Friday already?

  MAT ALAN 18:38 13 Nov 2008

Simon Jary is PCA's Publishing director, unless of course its the OTHER Simon jary..

I think this thread will run for a while, or does the FE take no prisoners...

  sunnystaines 18:38 13 Nov 2008

home made museli with soya milk.

  Forum Editor 18:45 13 Nov 2008

He's doing it on purpose, to see if I'll snap.

  MAT ALAN 18:48 13 Nov 2008

don't you mean SNAP CRACKLE and POP!!!

  tillybaby 18:56 13 Nov 2008

You can still buy Golden Nuggets, well at least you can in this area because we had some less than six months ago - I'm sure we did!

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