wigwambam 23:39 29 Jan 2008

Taking things slighty on a lighter note & with a tad more possitive what does everyone do for a pastime or hobby..?

mine's Downhill mountainbiking & here's the bike..
cost me £4k+

click here

  laurie53 09:21 30 Jan 2008

You mean there are other hobbies, besides this forum?!

  sunny staines 09:45 30 Jan 2008

learning about computers.

watching K-1 [Too old to take part in M.A. Competitions now]

cycling and collecting stamps of KGV1 era [not been active though in these two for a while.

try new foods and foreign delicacies

  Stuartli 10:01 30 Jan 2008

Were you taken for a ride?

Only joking...:-)

  Totally-braindead 10:08 30 Jan 2008

Flying Radio Control models is mine. Unfortunatly the weather has been that foul I haven't been out in weeks. Even if its not raining or snowing its too windy.
We're doing indoor flying now and its fun but theres too many people for a small hall and its a bit of a free for all at times.
I'm flying this Citabria indoor click here its fun but flying outside is better and this is what I fly outdoors click here
Video of the Citabria if anyones interested click here and one of the Cougar as well click here

  45 Mart 10:16 30 Jan 2008

Photography is my first passion. Always will be. Gives me an escape.
.....and as I've just bought myself a new kit, need to go and get some use out of it. It looks bright outside, so think I'll take it out for a bit now.

Bye till later.................

  Kemistri 10:36 30 Jan 2008

Cycling can be a very expensive pastime if you want to have good equipment. I have avoided spending very much on that kind of stuff for some time, fortunately!

Photography, too, can be a money pit if you let it.

It's bright outside here, too, so I'm going to leave the voicemail on for the day and follow 45 Mart's example!

  lisa02 10:39 30 Jan 2008

Shopping :D

  Bingalau 10:54 30 Jan 2008

Mine is "Line Dancing" which keeps me a lot fitter than I otherwise would be. It is also a good laugh and gives me access to lots of ladies. (Joking about the ladies). But I am outnumbered about twenty to one in the class I go to.

  sunny staines 11:47 30 Jan 2008

my future hobby will be motorhomes, hoping to get one in the summer and spend the winter in warmer places such as france, spain, portugal.

not yet worked out how to access cash, and the internet to our laptop.

  Bingalau 11:52 30 Jan 2008

sunny staines.. Sounds like a good idea to me. Might do something like that if I had the cash to spare.

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