Faux Leather

  Ex plorer 23:14 11 Jan 2008

I understand that its an imitation of leather, Its certainly cheaper than leather but is there any discomforts.

the cow hide is split into two, the top part of the hide is commonly known as leather the bottom as faux,
discomfort,hot and sticky in summer and cold in winter?
to be honest dont really know just the sales pitch i use for selling sofas.

similary grades of leather?
If something has a grade number its more likely to relate to the storage bay its in, as there is only one grade...that from a cow.
semi analine
relate to the leather being surface painted or not.

who knows, i sell leather sofas

  DieSse 23:35 11 Jan 2008

Faux = Fake

Faux anything is a fake - can be any kind of material made to look like leather (eg - vinyl plastic). In the US they often use the term Naugahyde (which I suspect is a trade name for a particular type.

The term faux is used (French) otherwise they would have to say false, or fake, or imitation and then there would be no confusion.

Types of plastic are frequently used - it has to be very good imitation indeed to have the strength and breathability of real leather.

*Raven* - if you're telling people in a sales situation it's split leather you better check your facts very very carefully, as you may be seriously misleading them.

sales pitch as trained,no intention to mislead anyone.

  Stuartli 23:44 11 Jan 2008

Some car manufacturers (Fiat, at least at one time) use Alcantara for car seats (a form of synthetic suede).

  Quickbeam 23:52 11 Jan 2008

It used to be called leatherette, faux leather sounds more glamorous but it's the same.

  DieSse 23:54 11 Jan 2008


"sales pitch as trained,no intention to mislead anyone."

I'm just saying check it very carefully - your intention may be fine - it's what's the truth that would count if it was an issue.

I would honestly wonder why split hide would be described as faux leather - I would have thought there's a much better name that could be legitimately used.

Google for faux leather and you'll soon find loads of hits telling you it's not cowskin at all - sample click here

ok DieSse,
it was a bit tongue in cheek dig at my employer but you are correct in what you state

  Ex plorer 00:10 12 Jan 2008

Hi DieSse Faux = Fake
I looked it up in the dictionary and get the same as you,
That was why I started my thread with, I understand that its an imitation of leather.

  DieSse 00:25 12 Jan 2008

Leather is flexible and breathable (ie - porous).

By and large imitations aren't breathable (hence hotter/stickier). And being mainly plastic use oil in their manufacture. There are a lot of cowhides around as a natural byproduct of raising cattle!

Personally I wouldn't use either on upholstery - if that's what you are thinking of - but then again it's very hot in the summer here, and I couldn't be doing with anything except fabric, and we usually have a washable throw on it as well.

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