Fathers day versus Mothers day

  Ranger 15:21 17 Jun 2007

As today is Fathers day I thought I would ask the following, Anyone else think Fathers day is the poor relation in celebration days?

Compare and contrast with Mothers day in our household.

Fathers day:
I'm up early making everyones breakfast,and tidying up, grass in the garden cut, car washed and hoovered.
Gift received from the kids (new graphics card for my pc and a case of beer, much appreciated)

Now preparing my own dinner as at the moment I am in the house alone, my wife and daughter have gone to my sister in laws and my son is out with his mates. The only way i'll see him anytime soon is if he needs something fixed on his or a mates car/PC

Mothers day:

Wife will expect breakfast in bed & house tidied
Wife will receive a gift, a table will be booked for dinner by my kids for all of us and i'll need to go whether or not I had other plans or else I will feel the wrath of the missus and scowls from the kids.
The kids will be about most of the day fussing around her, it's just not fair I tell thee :¬(

PS I suppose the plus side is I get to listen to my own music for a change and in 10 mins i'm of to the pub :¬) also I know deep down they do love me (I think!)

  rdave13 15:28 17 Jun 2007

Was it Fathers day today?

  Kate B 15:33 17 Jun 2007

Fortunately my dad is of the opinion that fathers' day is a commercial con. Mothers' day is the offspring of Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent and is part of the liturgical calendar. Wikipedia is interesting on this subject: click here

  Ranger 15:52 17 Jun 2007

KB, i'm actually of the same opinion as your dad, but then I think that of Mothers day, Grandparents days and especially cards of any sort, I would rather hand somebody a tenner than spend two quid or whatever on any sort of Birthday card etc.

I was just more comparing tongue in cheek the two days, anyway of to the pub now, have a nice day y'all

  Kate B 15:53 17 Jun 2007

Exactly! I love my dad all year round, not just today. Happy pubbing :)

  Cymro. 15:56 17 Jun 2007

I agree with your Dad like most such things it is just a big commercial can.

Mind you I would be the first to complain if my kids did not remember to send me a card.

  georgemac © 16:05 17 Jun 2007

No card, they bought me a gift, I think it is a commercial con, I don't really need a gift from the kids

We bought gifts for our dads but I think it more important to pay them regular visits and help them out with anything they need.

My wife is of the same opinion about mothers day.

  Monoux 16:26 17 Jun 2007

I think the card from my daughter might sum it up. On the front is a line of Elephants linked tails to trunks and it says " Always follow in your fathers footprints -- he may drop his wallet" :o)

  wallbash 17:02 17 Jun 2007

Card from my daughters
What dads want .......... What dads get

Sports car,,....... Taxi
Steak dinner........fat free salad
Lazy armchair.........Lazy kids

Many years ago, had an argument with the nursery we used, big fuss for Mothers day, nothing for Fathers day ! (in case it upset , kids without dads.... it upset this dad)

Ps with the card came a large Teddy Bear wearing a sweater with the logo.Dad.

  spuds 17:04 17 Jun 2007

Fathers Day, Mothers Day,Wear Your Jeans Back To Front Day. Its all a commercial con :O((

  recap 17:16 17 Jun 2007

Just travelled to Sheffield and back (over 300 miles) with one of my sons in the car and not once did he wish me happy fathers day. Got home and got a card of him and one each of my other two sons.

What's dad been doing since, the house work and now I will be expected to do tea.

Like Ranger, they do love me really, especially when they want something lol.

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