fasting from 1800!

for the past two years i have had a can of pepsi max in in hand from the momment i wake till i go to bed, and i always have one on my bedside table, i also always have a packet of wine gums and orbit with me, you see alcoholics have to keep their mouths busy!
because of this they have never had a proper fasted blood test from me and keep telling me i should be dead!
sooooo, i have a blood test in the morning and from 1800 i am only going to drink water and as a matter of self test im not going to smoke either.
this sounds and reads utterly crazy i know. just wanted to tell sombody!
2 mins to go

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:00 15 May 2007

I hope you manage to keep your plan, although it sounds a bit like cold turkey. Maybe that suits you best.

  Kate B 18:30 15 May 2007

Good luck indeed - I'd find it very hard to get very far into the day without a few blasts of caffeine.

  do-gull 18:37 15 May 2007



  p;3 19:02 15 May 2007

did they tell you to not take anything from 1800 hours or is that your choice?

if it is for a fasting blood sugar etc I would have thought that from 12 midnight would be sufficient?

ha! thanks guys, didnt think anyone would look at this sad thread.
i just want some good news from the doc, well some good news in general!
p3: my pancreas is @#!£ed, well thats the medical term anyway, my body processes suger oddly, stores it up.
the test says
urea and electrolytes
liver function
fasting serum lipids
fasting blood glucose

thanks for the support guys, have been out for a run and have settled down with a pint of water and am quietly chewing my keyboard!

  Forum Editor 19:38 15 May 2007

at around midnight, and there had better be no Pepsi in sight.

Good luck in the morning.

  p;3 19:41 15 May 2007

what TIME is the test? seems a tad bit of a lloonngg fast to me::(( but they have their reasons;
please leave the diabetic chocolate keyboard in the fridge::))

  DrScott 19:42 15 May 2007

Possible reason for the tests, but usually done in hospital.

  jack 19:46 15 May 2007

I have to have one of those[fast blood test] every 6 months ,for me no problem- but I am lucky I guess.
However someone I know like you have to keep their mouth busy and moist.
So water- no carbonated fizzy pricey stuff and suck a fruit stone
In her case a prune, equally it could be a pebble washed and kept specially for the purpose.

  Bingalau 20:00 15 May 2007

What do you use when you run out of saliva?

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