hijo 03:01 08 Nov 2006

i know this is a bit old as in 3 yrs old but this is a beast...a weapon that fires a million rounds per min..!!!

click here

or try this

click here

or this to see what the company have built..!!!

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:27 08 Nov 2006

I would imagine that it is a rather timely reminder of the stupidity of war and that it is not really like all the gung-ho reports from Iraq and Afghanistan.


  egapup 08:32 08 Nov 2006

Wouldnt fancy loading the thing at 1000,000 rounds a minute, bit of a waste of ammo if you miss.

  hijo 09:46 08 Nov 2006

come on man get a life "forum member" this isnt about what time of year it is its just infomation,
i cant belive you you replied with that text,please dont throw that at me it isnt a dig @ anyone,you need to get out more...
i didnt say i agreed with this,why is it on this forum the members grill you for whatever you post,people making assumptions ect just sit back and enjoy the ride

  hijo 11:26 08 Nov 2006

DONT take it to heart,i agree with you it did sound like i was "all for it" with my text of "a beast"
however it meant to be perceived in the way of "wow this thing is Unbelievable" not great..!!..things REALY wont get any better in our society with weapons like this but then this is a weapon that wont be available to the public
anyway if a was all for the weapon so what...!! people are entitled to an oppinion regardless of other peoples beliefs,just cause i have posted this link about a weapon dont mean iam all for it..!!

  Spark6 11:56 08 Nov 2006

Why bother?

  egapup 15:36 08 Nov 2006

Weapon research and wars are responible for a lot good things that we use every day and weapons arent always used for killing.

  Flak999 18:59 08 Nov 2006

Looks pretty impressive to me! Did any one see the camera gun footage of the Apache helicopter taking out the taliban strong point in Afghanistan?

Very impressive! They never knew what hit em!

  hijo 20:17 08 Nov 2006

finaly someone that saw my side of it,i wasnt trying to suggest that the weapon is amazing just to let u see this exist..thankx Flak999..!!

  Input Overload 22:04 08 Nov 2006

Problems arise when you (or your mates) flogg these weaponns to your friends & then later you fall out, as in HMS Sheffield.

  Forum Editor 23:14 08 Nov 2006

post fewer threads, and think a good deal more before posting them.

It's great to discuss a wide variety of topics, but I'm not sure there's much mileage in a debate about how wonderful a military weapons system is. Subjects like that tend to attract strongly polarised responses; they're self-fulfilling prophesies if you like, and are probably best left alone.

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