Faster Broadband Promised?

  Bingalau 10:18 03 Mar 2009

May be good news for some of us .. click here

  spuds 10:58 03 Mar 2009

Why is it that we keep hearing about this, when some of us are struggling with irregular speeds and poor customer service at the present time.

Most people have contracts suggesting 'upto' 8Mb, yet in reality they cannot achieve this, 'due to the existing poor and inadequate infrastructure', being provided via BT at present.

My particular case in point. My neighbours who are using the same package deal, as that of myself, seem to manage a regular 6Mb, yet I can only achieve (at one point) a maximum of 4Mb at its extreme best. Tiscali my ISP have supposedly tried all manner of things, without much satisfaction. This week (again) after 5pm I am down to approx 1Mb at low peak, increasing to perhaps 2.2Mb through the evening. Going back to customer services is becoming a repeat nightmare, which usually ends up with frayed nerves on either side.

Instead of Ofcom stating that there will be no barriers, perhaps they should turn their energies into investigating the complaints from the public or irregularities of the existing network and ISP commitments.

Rant over :O((

  johndrew 11:24 03 Mar 2009

I think the `green light` has been on for some time. The problem appears to be loading by some ISPs of some lines with high ratios. Whether there is an effect as a result of other ISPs using the same lines I have no idea, but it is obvious when major stores are `cashing up` - unless there is another cause at a similar time each day - as speed drops dramatically.

Articles in the press also show that other countries have better general speeds; whether their telephone networks are private or public and whether this has an effect is not made clear.

  Grey Goo 11:26 03 Mar 2009

Till you see the charges.

  peter99co 12:18 03 Mar 2009

I am being upgraded from 2Mb to 10 Mb without additional cost in May. They are supplying a new modem to cope with the extra speed.

click here

  peter99co 12:28 03 Mar 2009

Do note the £11 per month phone line* which appears to need to be added to any bundle

  jack 14:11 03 Mar 2009

All advertised speeds are 'Up to'
The actual speed depends on distance from exchange, the number of connections of the LuLu unit and the number connection active at any one time
As for High speed
The copper network is good for a max of 20 Gbits
More needs a fibre network .
Fibre network to small rural and even semi rural communities is so far off as to be out of sight on economics grounds alone,
Government promises/predictions notwithstanding.

  Bingalau 14:28 03 Mar 2009

I'm on cable and am satisfied with what I have got already.

  spuds 15:05 03 Mar 2009

Virgin have literally swamped our area with literature regarding special offers, free upgrades 'upto' 20Mb etc etc. A number of people have taken up these promises, only to find that 20Mb is a very long way off!.

  laurie53 19:50 03 Mar 2009

My contract runs out in May.

I can't wait, they've never come anywhere near the promised speed.

I didn't really expect them to, but I did think they might get to 50%.

  Chegs ®™ 03:59 04 Mar 2009

As I live in a rural area,we can forget about ever having fibre optic BB.I have grabbed each increased speed offering here and noted that the "upgrade" from 2Mbs to "upto 8Mbs" has been unremarkable in terms of altering my surfing habits,whereas the switch from dialup to 512Kbs meant I started listening to more online media,and the switch from 512 to 2Mbs just increased this even more.Part of the reason for there being little difference in my surfing habits going from 2Mbs to upto 8Mbs was it accompanied a change to a capped service.Now I'm on an uncapped service,I still dont tend to bother with many big downloads(presumably because I have already downloaded most of what I required)

I now wish mobile BB providers would either drop their prices or(preferably) increase the cap limits,3Gbs can disappear so easily when your OS is Vista.

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