Faster broadband?

  S5W 19:55 04 Jun 2009

click here

Sounds hopeful for some, will not get to me down here at the end of the earth for many years; ah well patience is a virtue.

  Chegs ®™ 01:16 05 Jun 2009

I received an email from my ISP promising faster speeds in the near future......but yet again,my connection has slowed during the day to a mere crawl and I've ceased caring as my last ISP could only sort the problem for at most 24hrs before it returned to a crawl.Rural life is brilliant,as long as you dont wish for high speed internet.

  Pesala 13:10 05 Jun 2009

I just signed up for a free upgrade from 2 to 10 Mbytes with Virgin Media.

  jakimo 14:23 05 Jun 2009

Virgin promised a free 10mb upgraded to be activated in May,Im still waiting

  Pesala 08:52 06 Jun 2009

Sat, 06 Jun 2009 07:51:35 GMT
1st 128K took 110 ms = 1191564 Bytes/sec = approx 9914 kbits/sec
2nd 128K took 109 ms = 1202495 Bytes/sec = approx 10005 kbits/sec
3rd 128K took 78 ms = 1680410 Bytes/sec = approx 13981 kbits/sec
4th 128K took 110 ms = 1191564 Bytes/sec = approx 9914 kbits/sec

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:13 06 Jun 2009

I live in a minute town in deepest South Somerset but, surprisingly, Talk Talk have there LLU gear installed. I live less than 1/2KM from the exchange and get 18Mbps, reported by my router. I wonder how many years I will have to wait to see the same level of service offered by BT?

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:17 06 Jun 2009

For there, read their.

  Cymro. 11:49 06 Jun 2009

So when BT do get around to introducing a 10 Mbytes service will I be able to benefit with what is a rather low powered computer?

Processor GenuineIntel Celerion~1296 Mhz
Total Physical Memory 256.00 MB
Hard drive is 20GB

  peter99co 12:37 06 Jun 2009

Have you registered on the Virgin Site. This adds you to the list they told me.

  nangadef 20:02 06 Jun 2009

peter99co Virgin wrote to me saying I was being upgraded to 10mb maybe 2 months ago. Mid May I phoned and was told it was being rolled out and all would be upgraded by the end of May.
Like jakimo I'm still waiting!!!

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