Farewell Marconi

  VCR97 19:37 25 Oct 2005

Heard on the 6 PM news on Radio 4. Marconi is to be taken over by Ericsson of Sweden. There will be a small remnant acting as a service outfit with the name "Talent" (if I heard the name correctly). It is not known what Ericsson will do with the Marconi name. Lo! How are the mighty fallen.

  LastChip 22:21 25 Oct 2005

Poor old Lord Weinstock will be turning in his grave.

  spuds 00:35 26 Oct 2005

The writing was on the wall a long time ago for Marconi.The way British industry is going there will be none of the great world respected names left.

  Chegs ® 04:00 26 Oct 2005

"The way British industry is going..."

Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian tho' wasn't he?

  Chegs ® 04:18 26 Oct 2005

This makes interesting reading...

Marconi was rescued from oblivion by a £4.7bn bail-out two years ago, and had made a good fist at a recovery before the BT debacle plunged it back to square one. BT controversially awarded the contract to eight other companies - all headquartered overseas.

click here

Even though its from 10th Oct.

  €dstowe 08:51 26 Oct 2005

I suppose we can be glad that it is going to a European country rather than being sold for a penny up the river (Ganges or Yangtse).

  spuds 11:12 26 Oct 2005

Chegs--Italian guy perhaps, but still British Industry :o)

  Chegs ® 13:22 26 Oct 2005

My quote from the newspaper above stating Marconi were rescued with a massive cash handout,only to get stitched up by another british company makes me often feel ashamed to be british(even though these sort of decisions are totally beyond my control,I cannot infuence the likes of a big company like BT)

  josie mayhem 21:09 28 Oct 2005

Sad to see another British company go.

I've watched in the last several years two of my local companies both been running in the town for well over 50 years (one of the companies my father worked for 32 years and he's been retired now for just over 25 years) one producing cellophane and related products the other factory produced lorry and tank pistons.

Both brought out by the Americans, and then shut down because they moved all production to counties within the E.C like Poland and Grease.

For some reason the Americans can't just set up shop in these smaller E.C countries where there is cheap labour, but they can use a back door method, the buy a British company run it for a set amount of time (the spam of time is governed by E.C regulations) and once they done there time, then they shut the British going concern down, move all production equipment over to where they can get cheap E.C labour and make Hugh profits.. so if the Americans buy a company near you that is a going concern, within about 2 years it will be closed down and moved..

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