Farewell to Agfa

  anchor 10:09 24 Oct 2005

Just read this:

Germany photographic company AgfaPhoto is likely to close down by the end of the year, making around 1700 of its workforce redundant, reports DW-World.de. Talks with UK company Photo-Me International about a possible takeover were rejected by the creditors because the offer "contained too many points that were unacceptable". AgfaPhoto has been operating under bankruptcy protection since May, when it filed for insolvency. The company will end operations at the end of the year, after all its stock has been used.

  spuds 11:33 24 Oct 2005

Agfa,used many of their products over the years. Great company, shame that it as perhaps ending this way.

  Starfox 11:54 24 Oct 2005

Same here spuds,they have been around a long time and must have been one of the market leaders in their day.What a shame!

  jack 14:24 24 Oct 2005

Tis a shame but so too wwas the demise of wheelwrights and oggle box makers. You have to keep up or give up in this hard hard world- apart from I think scanners[possibly rebadged]and inkjet papers[branded again from a main maker] I dont think Agfa made any real impact into the digital world.

  €dstowe 15:09 24 Oct 2005

Agfa have (had?) a huge business in medical diagnostics, much bigger than perhaps the photo business that we might know about. Is that going as well?

  anchor 15:23 24 Oct 2005

I would think not; the article refers only to AgfaPhoto.

It seems Agfa medical is alive and well.

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  Forum Editor 18:26 24 Oct 2005

to anyone in the photographic field. The writing's been on the wall for some time, but it's nevertheless sad to see a legendary name vanish from the photography scene.

  ade.h 18:32 24 Oct 2005

I'll say. I'll have to use Kodachrome from now on, which my nearest stockist doesn't sell (though that may change now). The Agfa stock is/was better value.

As for the writing being on the wall... well I'll have to choose to ignore it then. To match the performance of my EOS 1v and EOS 3 bodies with a digital equivalent that has a 36x24mm CCD and a 100% viewfinder would mean £5200 on an EOS 1DS. Maybe one day....

  Wilham 20:46 24 Oct 2005

I'm pleased to read ade.h's 36x24mm CCD comment. New digital SLR cameras are appearing,... rarely do I see the important CCD size in the published specs.

Unless one has handled a quality film SLR camera I guess one doesn't look for this particular info.

  ade.h 20:54 24 Oct 2005

It's a vital feature; I don't particularly want my expensive wide-angle lenses reduced to those of a £100 compact. And as any pro will tell you, the 100% viewfinder is invaluable for accurate composition that makes the most of a relatively small film plane.

A friend of mine who is an even keener amateur than me has a medium-format system; I was talking to him the other day about the latest Mamiya digital med-format camera - its price has six figures, and that's before the decimal point! Needless to say, he won't be re-mortgaging just yet.

  Ancient Learner 20:01 02 Nov 2005

It is a shame.

I always used their printing paper and Monochrome films.

I still have an Agfa Super Silette from the 1950's which still works, although it doesn't see much use these days, but it was a trusty camera in its day. Won me prizes, and saw me through 2 East African safaris whilst on my National Service. (We could hire long wheel base Land Rovers for recreational use at 2/6d a day)

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