Colin 09:54 27 Jul 2006

Where do all the fans go after summer? I mean office/home cooling fans. Every summer I hear that shops run out of fans, (and see the notices in shop windows). What happens to the ones people bought last year? Put away that good no one can remember where they are or taken home for "safekeeping"?

  oresome 10:12 27 Jul 2006

Ours were put in the loft last year and brought out again this.

  SG Atlantis® 10:29 27 Jul 2006

I always wonder that, working in a shop that sells them they literally fly out the door.

1> they get binned and then replaced the next year
2> given away at the end of season, charity or neighbour
3> they put them away and forget about them
4> they're rubbish quality and don't last?

  Belatucadrus 11:52 27 Jul 2006

I used to be a buyer at a company with quite a few call centres and every hot year until they fitted air con it was the same, fans fans and more fans. I never worked out where they went either.

  MESH Support 13:24 27 Jul 2006

Same here.

I'm pretty sure sales have nicked the good fans this year :(

During winter they fill a space put aside for them in stores and every year we forget that first come get the good'uns.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:53 28 Jul 2006

Worked in a prefab building cold in winter roasting in summer.
A few years back boss did a safety check and rollicked us yet again for wedging the fire doors open.

"How am I going to stop you lads from wedging the doors " says boss.

"Give us Air Con to cool this place" says us.

"Hmm good idea" says boss " have 5 grand to spend on enviromental issues , I wondered how I could use it".

and we're still enjoying it.

  Forum Editor 19:01 28 Jul 2006

I think I would have gone slowly insane in the London traffic over the past few weeks.

As for fans; bought three last year for the office - can't find one of them now.

  packettracer 19:12 28 Jul 2006

Never bother with a fan, got air-con instead;-)

  GRFT 07:31 31 Jul 2006

Ok, all you air-con fans(!), can anyone suggest a reliable portable unit?

I was thinking of one for the bedroom (hit 29C the other night,) and someone predicts August may be even worse. The Delonghi CF208 at about £280 looks promising. Any others?

  skeletal 23:13 31 Jul 2006

GRFT: I think the ANYTHING air con is good!!!

Everywhere I look I see “sold out”. Perhaps they’ll come back in stock for the winter.


  GRFT 07:35 01 Aug 2006

Yes, I was afraid of that.

Last July I was asking that same question.
This time, as soon as they become available, one will be bought and put away until needed.

But which one? I was thinking of the venting issue. The ones I've seen are supplied with a venting hose only one metre long with a flattened adapter to enable it to be pushed through a partially opened door or window.

Can these hoses be extended?

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