Famous Sheffield landmark to topple

  TopCat® 23:09 21 Aug 2008

Could be of special interest to those members living in South Yorkshire!

The city of my birth will witness the fall of two cooling towers next Sunday when the firing trigger is presssed at around 9.00am on that day. click here

Travelling north on the M1 on a visit home they were always a welcoming sight and I knew my long journey was nearing its end. Now I'll have to get used to seeing the new biomass power station that's going to rise up in their place.

What goes up must come down, gravitationally speaking! :o) TC.

  Pine Man 11:36 22 Aug 2008

They must be very popular. There was a bit about them on TV and people were actually crying because they were to be demolished!

I wonder what people would think nowadays if there was a proposal to actually build such large ugly* things?

*Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  oresome 16:48 22 Aug 2008

"But the proximity to the Tinsley Viaduct of the final two meant engineers didn't feel able to safely bring them down without damaging the motorway bridge."

I seem to recall they are very close to the bridge, which has recently undergone extensive remedial work. An unusual design that has an undercarriage suspended from the upper one. I was often stuck in a queue on the lower section and the car would bounce as the bridge moved with the passing of traffic on the M1 above.

It was always nice to know whilst sat there that the design engineer had got his sums wrong with the box girders and they needed strengthening!

  carver 17:26 22 Aug 2008

Thank heaven the ugly things are coming down, why they haven't been used in the past for something useful I don't know.

All this time they have just stood there, big lumps of concrete, nobody has done a thing with them and all that it needed was some scaffold set up and they could have made money as advertising sites, graffiti artists could have had a birthday on them. Just imagine two gigantic vases at the side of the M1 full of color.

TopCat® you are correct, they do tell you that you are nearly home but so does the smell from Blackburn Meadows sewage site.

  TopCat® 17:46 22 Aug 2008

Remember this a forum and we don't want to create a stink here! :o)

I once worked for my brother who had a contract to do mechanical repair work at that place. Took me awhile to get used to the aroma when I was sent there for a couple of days, but I learnt quite a bit (very quickly) about the treatment of the effluent.

Actually bought a large bag of the by-product fertiliser for my father's garden. He was quite impressed with it, he told me later, and had a real bumper crop of veggies that year! :o) TC.

  TopCat® 23:47 23 Aug 2008

Seems I got the timing wrong for this demolition. according to this click here as it's taking place at 03.00 on Sunday morning!

I can imagine some late to bed lovers saying, "Darling, did the earth move for you? when that lot comes crashing down! :o) TC.

  birdface 05:22 24 Aug 2008

Part of one of the towers remains standing after the controlled blasts at 3 am this morning.The M1 was closed for the demolition to take place and remains closed and is unclear when it will be reopened.

  birdface 05:46 24 Aug 2008

Update.click here

  laurie53 08:20 24 Aug 2008

I'm not an expert but it looked to me as though the charges were not quite on the button.

The towers were a bit reluctant to come down, and on previous occasions such towers have come down with a sort of twisting motion to stop them sitting on themselves. The twisting motion was not so evident on this occasion.

  oresome 10:53 24 Aug 2008

Not quite the same as when the late Fred Dibna used to support structures on railway sleepers and then burn them away, but impressive nevertheless.

I'll bet the bridge was shaking.

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