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  royalflush 00:21 07 Apr 2007

Not sure if your like me BUT i can REMINISE right back to the 70's 80's 90's & today so when i have a beer or just want to go back then i love looking at the NET cause its got the answers to Nearly everything..but why is it there's soooo many people who had bands/groups or even solo artists that havent invested in a couple of hundred quid & had a website built for them...WHY i think outa respect they should & also its good for them to know who still supports them...
take Fergal Sharkey or Fine Young Cannibals or The Stone Roses(although they claim to have a website which has been down for ages)...i know this is very "80'S" but if u got any to add please do ...just check ur favorties..i am sure u could add to this....SPEND SOME BLOODY MONEY the fans are out there for you

  royalflush 00:33 07 Apr 2007

Just Realised with a bit of searching STONE-ROSES have a decent website...good on ye lads..where's Ian Brown..get it on..!!! there is people/followers........£££$$$$=gigs..???

  whatustaring@ 00:52 07 Apr 2007

yep i know what u mean ive wanted to many a time check up on many artists dating back to the 60's but theres no way only "Sub"websites i think u got something here as there is a serious point in what they should do for the fan's or followers as you put it, after all they make music to gain a return of ££££ as without a earner there's not much point in todays world & its in there own intrest that they spend money & let the public know what there upto...i am not sure sure that its greed it could be over "attributed" to other area's in htere life

  charmingman 00:22 15 Apr 2007

well i must admit YEP ive wanted to look at singers like "ashford & simpson2 & the likes of others..lol it should be done Music is our lives & our future..!! open your wallets boys...!!! theres PLENTY of people wanting to know where you are...!!!!

  charmingman 00:52 15 Apr 2007

how about "godley & cream" & how amazing was they...with no website......i kinda agree its disrespectfull for the FANS..

  Kate B 01:16 15 Apr 2007

Why don't you build websites for them? Fansites can be great, much more fun than official ones. And it's not compulsory for a band, particularly a defunct one, to maintain a site for any fans still lurking.

  whatustaring@ 01:24 15 Apr 2007

KAteB now MADAM you know you should be in bed....its 01:20...why ar you up at this time..?

  whatustaring@ 01:27 15 Apr 2007

http/html/flash..you know i might just..its the GETTING IN TOUCH thats hard...building website's is childs play...!!!!
DreamWeaver all this is very easy once u understand it....ip'ng...META PEER...blah blah blah

  Kate B 01:28 15 Apr 2007

I could ask you the same question! I got back from the BBC about an hour ago and I always come home with a bit of adrenaline coursing and need to decompress for a few minutes, check my email and sneak in here and see if anything's doing ... ;-)

  whatustaring@ 01:54 15 Apr 2007

KATIE you lost me....??? are you on the WINE...?

  Bingalau 11:00 15 Apr 2007

whatyoustaring@ You lose me every time you say anything on here. (Kate B. I can always understand). Are you from this planet?

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