Family history.

  Bald Eagle 18:51 10 Aug 2009

I fancy a go at tracing my family history. I'm 62 and know nothing at all about my paternal grandfather and now all my relatives who would have known about him are dead! Can anyone point me towards a site where they explain what to do? I don't mean things like the census site more one where they tell you what records are available and how to access them.

  Falkyrn 19:03 10 Aug 2009

Try having a look at a site called Rootschat at click here.

The beginners section there has a considerable amount of information for someone just starting out.

  Falkyrn 19:06 10 Aug 2009

Sorry, I should have added that you don't have to become a member of Rootschat to look at the postings although to post any messages yourself you will have to join - it's free and the members are a pretty reasonable bunch.

  wiz-king 19:35 10 Aug 2009

If you sign up for one of the bigger site like click here and enter your name you might find someone has done the work for you.
Try searching for your parents for a start - something you have some details of.
Dont be in a hurrey, it can take months to get replys.

Make a note of any names, place names etc you can find in any family papers, diaries, photographs etc.

  Bald Eagle 20:03 10 Aug 2009

Thanks so far folks. Following the "click here"'s

  spuds 20:31 10 Aug 2009

Most big towns have a Records Office which contains plenty of information about all the past histories. The staff there can be very helpful, and may well have a number of leaflets and publications available, which would point you in the direction that you want to go.

A few years ago, I started to do a 'family history', and through that I found a rather interesting publication about my father. This simple publication made me more keener on investigating further. One thing that I did learn, was that when members of the family were alive, I should have been more curious about the family. Most of the factual knowledge and past 'secrets' are now lost, possibly forever, which can be very soul destroying.

  FungusBoggieman 20:37 10 Aug 2009

as wiz-king says genesreunited is a good site to get started i have found loads of rellies on thier
also rootsweb
and family search .org will help with 1881 census
free bmd will help with certs
good luck in your search i have only gone back to the 1600 it took 5 ear but its very rewarding

all the best fungus b

  FungusBoggieman 20:38 10 Aug 2009

ps if you need help just give me a buzz
i maybe able to do some lookups for u

  Spark6 20:46 10 Aug 2009

I agree with wiz-king. As well as possibly using his recommended site you should start off with your parents exact details from their birth and marriage certificates. These should detail their full names and the names and occupations of their parents together with their addresses at that time.

  Bald Eagle 08:31 11 Aug 2009

Thanks for even more responses. I've already learnt something new, I didn't know about the records office and being a Sheffield family there should be plenty to find out there.

  Newuser38 09:22 11 Aug 2009

This looks as though it could keep you busy click here

I use click here I think you can do searches of some items there without paying. A useful free site is click here

Good luck but watch it it can become addictive.

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