families to pay to access own bank account!

  tein 10:32 25 Oct 2009

I know its the daily mail so if i find it on any other site il include the link!

This countries getting worse by the day!

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  tein 10:32 25 Oct 2009

Sorry "Country's" doh

  kidsis 11:10 25 Oct 2009

this is extremely frightening, but it doesn't surprise me. To think officials can just turn up and enter someone's home to search for "evidence". Of what? People roll their eyes when I say this to them but it really is getting closer and closer to 1930s Germany. Wouldn't the Human Rights Act overrule what is happening.

  folsom 12:49 25 Oct 2009

I found the statement that the C of P was set up to reduce the occasions when someone could no longer control their own affairs and thus, reduce the number of occasions when they get taken advantage of by unscrupulous people, rather ironic, given that it was initially muted by the same politicians who have shown themselves to be more than capable of acting unscrupulous with tax payers money.

  spuds 13:13 25 Oct 2009

The thing that I find most worrying about this, is the fact that your local council can become your protector.Shock and horror!.

So if you are getting old, and still of sound mind and body, or you would prefer to get a trusted person to deal with your affairs at the time of need, then get down to a solictor and do the necessaries, before its to late.

  six-h 18:02 25 Oct 2009

Must agree with forum member on this.
My Mum, who hitherto had always been more sound in wind, limb and mind than I shall ever be, had never given cause for concern that she would ever be sufficiently mentally impaired to make me think that I would need such powers, despite the fact that in her last few years of her life I cared for her as she fought Cancer.

Due to a missed diagnosis for a simple chest infection which caused a sudden and alarming bout of confusion, she was referred to a Psychiatrist. Things moved with alarming speed from this point and it was only due to me having my wits about me and the helpfulness of the Psychiatrist that I was prepared for this possibility!

Fortunately, the missed diagnosis was later discovered and the confusion arrested, so thankfully I didn't need to register the EPA.

I would particularly urge relatives/spouses to have the forsight to apply for Enduring Power of Attorney (each over other) in the event that either may need to register it in the future, after all, it costs nothing to set one up, and it may be invaluable in the future since once it's need is evident, it is usually too late to set one up.
Your local CAB can usually supply the forms and information.

  morddwyd 19:53 25 Oct 2009

"The system was set up by Jack Straw"

Nuff Said!

  mole44 06:30 26 Oct 2009

my wife has dementia and i`m going to be a deputy with my son,seems o.k. till you see my solicitors bill,I`m looking at around £2000 to £2500 to ensure my wifes affairs are in orderfor us to deal with.

  Grey Goo 12:45 26 Oct 2009

You may want to make your own arrangements to offset this odious department.
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  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:23 26 Oct 2009

Most people I meet are hardly capable of arranging their own affairs never mind someone else's. Also, although it could indicate that I know some less than savoury people, I know of many cases where the 'family' has taken over an ailing relative's finances to the detriment of what should be correct and fair. Money changes people's morals and attitudes very quickly.


  Spark6 15:24 26 Oct 2009

Prior to 2007 my wife and I had EPA's one to the other. In March 2007 we received a general circular type of letter from the company that had arranged our EPA's informing us that from 01/04/2007 it would not be possible to arrange an EPA document.
As ours were already in place we were assured that no further action was required. At this time the charge for an EPA was £50+VAT/person while the estimated cost of the replacement LPA was £200-£300/person plus the registration charge of £150/document.
I still fail to see why the requirements were changed and why the dramatic increase in cost.

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