Families need £36,800 to live acceptably

  hssutton 08:41 10 Jul 2012

Joseph Rowntree Foundation says Families need £36,800 to live acceptably. What are your thoughts.

I would certainly be able to have an acceptable lifestyle on that amount.

Rowntree Foundation

  Aitchbee 08:55 10 Jul 2012

I 'get by' on £10,000 a year - I am a single person...so I must be one of the poverty-stricken...but it doesn't feel like it...to me.

  Grey Goo 08:56 10 Jul 2012

More info.article

  carver 09:01 10 Jul 2012

About right for a family of 4 to live a decent life, split into 4 that's not a lot each and young children can cost more than an adult to keep.

At first it sounds a lot but take into account a mortgage of say &600 minimum a month for a house then a further &150a week for food x amount for clothing for growing children then electric and gas and a further &1500 for rates and the best part of &21000 has gone before you start on any thing else.

It's just a pity that most families are not on that money.

  interzone55 10:03 10 Jul 2012

I'd say the the average income is distorted a greater amount by those above it than below it.

The biggest employers in this country are retail, hospitality and healthcare, none are known for the fat salaries of their staff.

For the last year I've been looking for work closer to home, to save me from my 130 mile thrice weekly round-trip, and I'm struggling to find a job that pays anywhere close to my current well below average salary...

  Quickbeam 10:35 10 Jul 2012

It all depends on how much you spend. Over the last 4 years I've learnt to live on about a third less than before and find I'm just as well off. From that I can say that I was spending to a point because I could, which of course it what we all do be it £10K, £36k or much, much more £k per year.

  woody 10:51 10 Jul 2012

I go to one of the most expensive coffee shops in my local city.

It would be one of the first things to go if i had to count the pennies but it always has many mums with kids and they generally leave a load of cake uneaten - hubbies with good jobs!

  Bingalau 10:52 10 Jul 2012

As a pensioner, I think I am comfortable and am satisfied with the income I get. However it is nowhere near the figure quoted. (it's below it Brumas). I worked long and hard for what I now get. I also served in our armed forces for 23 years, that wasn't an easy life either. So what galls me is that if I have to go in to care, my children will be deprived of their inheritance. Other people who have bummed their way through life but end up in the same care home as me will have contributed nothing at all. Yet get the same, or in some cases probably better care. For that reason I am trying to spend my kids inheritance. I am enjoying spending it and they know why. I have contributed to the good lifestyle they now have, through the efforts of my wife and myself over the years. Of course I wish I had some youthful vigour to match up to the spending power I now have.

  woodchip 11:16 10 Jul 2012

He needs is head seeing to, Not been through Hard times that's obvious

  oresome 11:36 10 Jul 2012

My wife and I live on much less and don't consider ourselves poor by any means.

But it does mean that many businesses would struggle to survive if they were reliant on our spending pattern. This creates a vicious circle where unemployment rises and spending power falls. We can all see it with the demise of shops on the high street.

I don't know what the answer is, but there again, neither do the politicians and their think tanks.

  Quickbeam 11:46 10 Jul 2012

'many businesses would struggle to survive if they were reliant on our spending pattern'

Which is why it's slow for things picking up, I've now been in the make do and mend mindset for a few years, and will probably stay with it. I don't replace anything that isn't broken beyond economical repair anymore. And what's more, I'm not minded to want for the sake of it anymore. If I don't have the funds to buy something without credit, I save up for it, and then inevitably spend it on something else as I realise it was one of my one time whims spends.

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