The Fake trade

  lofty29 21:10 03 Mar 2008

Just watched a facinating documentary on tv about the fake manufacturing industry in china, what was so interesting was how it came about and continues due to the greed of the big companies desire for extra profits, and the fact that although they shout about it they will not assist the customs, nor critisize china because it might affect their profits. What is very worrying is the fact that now much of the couterfieting is of medicines which are making their way into the pharmacies in this country and are alomost impossible to detect, ie cancer drugs.Fake dvd's etc can loose a bit of copyright money for the owners, but fake drugs can take a life, and basically all this is due to greed.

  Forum Editor 22:18 03 Mar 2008

Well yes, but don't misinterpret the infoprmation - counterfeiters are just as greedy. They're far worse than the companies you criticise, because they (the counterfeiters) are well aware that their fake medicines can kill, yet they greedily go on producing and selling them.

You're sadly mistaken if you think that there would be no fake Gucci bags if the originals were cheaper. Make something that costs £5 and a Chinese counterfeiter will sell copies for £3 - it's the nature of the business. I've seen fake bars of Imperial Leather soap made in China and selling in New York for 30p each.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:40 03 Mar 2008

In the local markets they are 4 for a pound.


  spuds 22:44 03 Mar 2008

I can never understand someone buying a thin leather 'designer' belt for 'say' a thousand pounds or so, when a Primark one for two pounds or so, that doe's the same job ;o)

And as for for buying a shopping bag that's out of date in six months.That's if you could purchase the real designer article in the first place!.

Interesting program though, more to follow.

  Quickbeam 08:56 04 Mar 2008

They make fake parts for cars and even airliner and helicopter spares.

These are deadly, and when an aircraft crashes, one of the things they look for is that genuine parts have been used.

  lofty29 09:26 04 Mar 2008

Fair comment in its way, but the point I was trying to make was that the manufacturers created this monster by moving the factories to china in the first place in order to create massive profits, and they will not assist in stopping it because it would risk reducing the money they are making now. We are all guilty to a certain extent, all of us buy the cheap legitimate goods which are 'pirated' jobs from the western world. One of the examples was Burburrys, which moved their factory from the Uk to china, paying £15pw for labour, but still charging massive prices for the goods.
I know what you are talking about I saw the aircrash programmes in which a number of crashes were caused by fake parts, in some cases fitted by companies which knew the parts were fake, or suspicious. My son works in the aircraft industry and he says this is more common than people realise

  Covergirl 12:28 04 Mar 2008

I don't understand some of this fake business - for example, they manufacture a fake Rolex and by the time it gets to the street it costs c.£15 - so how much does it cost to make and how much do they sell it for ? And is it really worth it after tooling up, buying/manufacturing the components and paying for assembly ?

The thing that scared me the most was the fake hens eggs ! Euchhh !

  lofty29 13:08 04 Mar 2008

I dont know the actual cost of the fakes, but in one instance on the programme they showed pirate dvd's which cost 50 pence to make. When we lived in cyprus near us was a factory making woolens for well known brand names in the UK, and you could buy the products for about 2or 3 quid a time, these were not fakes but work outsourced from the UK stores, such as littlewoods

  Stuartli 15:41 04 Mar 2008

I pay £1.48 for a pack of six at Morrisons, where it's regularly on special offer...:-)

Fakes have always been with us - I well recall Ferodo, for instance, doing battle with foreign companies producing cheap copies of its brake pads (many of which were far below the required standard).

  Al94 18:39 04 Mar 2008

Never mind fake brake pads, what about a complete car! click here

  Wilham 20:12 05 Mar 2008

Imperial Leather soap.
I'm confused. I've popped up to the bathroom to see if mine's a fake. One end of wrapper indicates 'Imperial Leather Classic' with an address in China, other end says PZ Cussons (International)Ltd England.

Google gives a Stockport address inviting UK job applications, and describes Cussons as international. The wording suggests to me the soap is made in many other countries, perhaps under licence.

click here

I paid low price 4 bars/£1,... it could be grey import, but still legal, not fake. Am I wrong?

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