Fake £1 coin estimate 'doubled'

  peter99co 10:26 08 Apr 2009

Checked your coins recently?

click here

  dagnammit 10:40 08 Apr 2009

Generally just looking quickly at my change in the shop is suffice. The never seem to get the inscription right on the duds.

  wiz-king 12:14 08 Apr 2009

Oh go on! I pick up quite a few in the roads around here, always willing to take scrap and shrapnel.

  Chegs ®™ 12:35 08 Apr 2009

When I drove a taxi,I got dozens of iffy coins every weekend.The biggest problem was trying to identify the forged paper money when sat outside in the car with just the interior light.

  Forum Editor 19:15 08 Apr 2009

As long as shops/machines accept my £1 coins I'll keep using them.

  newman35 19:27 08 Apr 2009

I find the moral dilema here interesting.

If you do not check because that way you can pass on what may be dud money, with a clear conscience, then morally that's deception - or is it?

Allowing dud cash to remain in our circulation devalues all our currency - but, practically, it is financially advantageous not to look!

Morals versus hard cash? Morals have little chance!!

  interzone55 20:25 08 Apr 2009

I think the data for this report is flawed.

I'm pretty sure that you are more likely to put a fake coin in a vending machine than use it in a shop, especially if it's one of the painted alloy coins where the paint starts to flake off after a while...

I would have thought (but may be mistaken) that a vending machine if far more likely to reject a fake coin than a shop keeper is to spot one. After all, they don't simply assess the coin by its size!

  interzone55 07:44 09 Apr 2009

As long as the coin weighs the right amount, and is the correct dimensions, within a certain tolerance limit, it'll be accepted by a vending machine.

Early fake pound coins were simply a couple of foreign coins the right size glued together, there was no attempt to make them look right, as long as they worked in fruit machines...

  Quickbeam 07:58 09 Apr 2009

"check the Queen's head on one side and the pattern on the reverse line up."

I've got 3 Victorian Sovereigns that don't line up, how did they get past the Royal Mint's QC...?

  Quickbeam 11:13 09 Apr 2009


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