Faith in human nature?

  rdave13 21:42 11 Feb 2008

It's just been restored a bit tonight.
Had a knock on the door about six o'clock this evening. A young couple stood there
and asked for me by name. I confirmed they had the right person and they told me they
had just pranged into my stationary car and caused damage to my front bumper.
Went out with them to inspect the damage and exchanged details. I thanked them
for being so honest as many would have just driven off.
Hopefully the insurance companies will sort it out and that will be that.
Nice to see honesty as it should be and the effort they went to; to find
the car's owner.

One thing that hurts, though, is, it was a little Cleo which smashed a hole in my Mondeo's
front bumper and not a scratch on the French car.

  [email protected] 21:49 11 Feb 2008

i returned to my parked car once the wing, door and bumper were quite badly damaged, there was a note on the window which read: everyone thinks i writing my insurance details, but i dont have any so sorry anon"
never found him but kinda liked his style!

  jack 08:51 12 Feb 2008

If would have asked my self
My car gets whacked, as it is parked in the street.
How did the 'whacker' I/D the car owner/keeper and
get the address, in so short a time?
Hmm is something afoot here?

  interzone55 08:59 12 Feb 2008

Perhaps the car was right outside the house, or maybe they'd tried a neighbour first who pointed them in the right direction...

  interzone55 09:03 12 Feb 2008

My sister had a mondeo that was written off by an impact with a Megane, luckily for my sister the Megane was driven by a rep from her insurance company so everything was sorted out quickly & neatly, they even gave her a Rover 75 as a courtesy car whilst the cheque cleared - you don't normally get a courtesy car when your car is written off.

She bought another Mondeo because she was impressed with the safety features...

  rdave13 21:45 15 Feb 2008

Well seems that it's a case of ' no fault' on my behalf. Letter from insurance stating that I'll have to pay £0.00 excess. That is unless something changes. Garage that they use to assess the damage 50 miles away! So much for 'fully comp.'. BT will make most money from this one, I think, as I've got to try and catch them in my area when I'm not working.
My 'No Claims Discount' is also not affected.
Will see how it goes.

  DrScott 10:22 16 Feb 2008

with a note on the window.

A friend of mine had his car pranged and the guy drove off. Fortunately it was all captured on CCTV, and within about 2 weeks the police were standing at the front door of the offender.

So you never know who'll be watching...

  Bingalau 11:22 16 Feb 2008

I went to an Annual Police Ball one night, and because I was driving home decided that I had better not drink more than the one pint. So after sitting all night watching everyone else enjoy themselves (and wondering how some of the Bobbies were going to get home!) My wife and I decided it was time to go. Outside it was dark and raining cats and dogs. The car park was unlit and I made the fundamental mistake of not looking around the car before getting in and setting off. When I reversed it was straight in to a policeman's motor bike which had been parked behind me. So I got out and went back in to try to find out what the consequences would be. The first policeman I spoke to said. "Just bugger off before he finds out, he shouldn't have parked there anyway". So I did as he told me after taking careful note of his number. Never heard a thing about it since. How lucky can you get?

  laurie53 19:18 16 Feb 2008

So it was you, was it?

I'll be in touch!

  Bingalau 20:15 16 Feb 2008

Oooh!! Did I feel a touch on my collar then? I was expecting that in a way.

  rdave13 00:05 22 Jun 2008

On 11/06/2008 a piece of plastic (called a 'fender' or 'bumper') was eventually bolted on to my car. Won't go into the harrowing details but the long and short of it is that I had to pay BT a great deal of money, had to drive a round trip of 84 miles, had to wait for two hours whilst the plastic was mounted.
Don't get me wrong my insurance company got all the legalities and paperwork sorted quick as a flash. As for practical help; well it was totally dire. No..even worse.
So, if your'e thinking of insuring your car with Direct Line Motor Insurance then remember it took four months to the date to get the right coloured piece of plastic bolted on to my vehicle.
Confused dot com comes to mind.

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