Fairground accidents

  Colonel Graham 00:14 31 Aug 2011

It seems every summer there are 'accidents', from Blackpool to Skegness. Are the inspections to blame? Will we see the inspectors prosecuted? Example 2


  Forum Editor 00:21 31 Aug 2011

Are the inspections to blame?

None of us can possibly know whether they are or whether they aren't.

Modern fairground rides often involve some serious engineering. Hurling a heavy car around gravity-defying tracks, or on hydraulically powered lifting arms is inevitably going to lead to occasional failures. If that happens when the car is packed with people there is a potential for serious injury or worse.

I doubt that there's a fool-proof method of preventing all fairground accidents.

  Colonel Graham 00:37 31 Aug 2011


Wise words as always.

  wiz-king 05:40 31 Aug 2011

They're like the MOT on a car - only valid at the time of inspection.

  Quickbeam 07:07 31 Aug 2011

The insurance inspectors also have a big say in the safety of these rides. If you get a reputation as a maintenance skimper they will bump up the premium, and that is a bigger incentive than any law to keep the rides safely maintained.

  gengiscant 09:19 31 Aug 2011

colonel Graham Wise words as always. I assume you are having a laugh?

  wee eddie 09:50 31 Aug 2011

Why does one go on one of these Fairground Rides.

Because of the frisson of fear.

No accidents ~ no fear ~ no customers.

Perhaps that is a slightly basic analysis of the pitch, but not far off it.

  morddwyd 11:55 31 Aug 2011

As an engineer it never fails to impress me how the average fairground roustabout, on the travelling fairs, with no formal training or qualifications, can assemble such complex and fairly lethal bits of machinery almost overnight, and get it right just about every time with the exception of the odd widely publicised occasion.

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