Fair Play Football

  ulrich 18:17 19 Nov 2009

I don't really follow football but when are the authorities going to use video footage to prove or disprove an incident. Perhaps now after the Henry handball incident?

  Quickbeam 18:22 19 Nov 2009

The biggest argument against using that in game time is that football is a fast flowing game compared to rugby and cricket that have a lot of stopped play moments.

  Quickbeam 18:23 19 Nov 2009

OK, cricket has stopped play days...

  ulrich 18:40 19 Nov 2009

It looked like the play was held up last night by the Irish players protesting. I am sure in this instance it was obvious so wouldn't take long.

  tullie 18:52 19 Nov 2009

Theres nothing new with players cheating.

  TonyV 19:02 19 Nov 2009

I think it is entirely proper that the Video ref should be used in soccer. It is not beyond the wit of man to stop the watch for at most two minutes whilst the deliberations are taking place.

To see the way the Irish were "cheated" is beyond belief. Everybody saw it apart from the four officials. Henry handling it twice according to the pictures on BBC news this evening.

It could also be used to show up the "divers" who make a mockery of the game. For some, it seems that if there is an opposition player within four feet of them, they go to ground and shout foul!! There is one in particular in a London team who has perfected it very well, and he is a big man but can fall over his own feet very easily!!


  babybell 19:21 19 Nov 2009

Arsenal proved recently that video technology will simply not work. A player of theirs dived and was banned for 2 games, but Arsenal managed to prove there was the slightest of slight touches and the decision was overturned. Also people say that it wouldnt slow the game down that much, but if it was brought in, managers would be using it for every decision they disagree with and it would turn into a farce. I remember recently that a team conceded a free-kick and the opposition scored from it. The manager after the game complained, not about the free-kick, but the fact that they should have had a throw in a few minutes earlier that was incorrectly given the other way and that in turn led to the free kick. This is the sort of nonsense that video technology would bring on a more regular basis

  ulrich 19:29 19 Nov 2009

I will stick to the Motorcycle racing seems to be less or no cheating.
Sportsmanship is certainly lacking in our World.

  morddwyd 19:41 19 Nov 2009

"I will stick to the Motorcycle racing seems to be less or no cheating."

Oh I don't know.

Wasn't James Toseland done for a jump start a few races ago? lol :-)

  ulrich 20:02 19 Nov 2009

But after the race they said he shouldn't have been. As I said less cheating and I hardly think this was cheating and would not have made any difference to the race. Whereas Henry was a blatant foul and did make a big difference.

  natdoor 21:07 19 Nov 2009

A player who knowingly cheats in this way and is subsequently shown to have done so should suffer a severe punishment. That would soon encourage someone who committed such an offence, even in the heat of the moment, to immediately inform the referee. I would suggest a one year ban!

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