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  polymath 21:35 22 Oct 2010

As a Facebook user, I often read advice that I should get out more. Apparently, seeing some more grass, rocks and rushes will improve my social life. Can someone explain?

  rdave13 22:23 22 Oct 2010

Not really. The problem might be that to socialise electronically is infinitely easier than socialising with people face to face. If you want to see " some more grass, rocks and rushes " then go for a walk. Not in a 'virtual' world of course.

  OTT_B 22:54 22 Oct 2010

I don't know about improving your social life, but I can guarantee that I find grass, rocks and rushes infinitely more relaxing than Facebook.

  rdave13 23:27 22 Oct 2010

As a very unqualified head shrink can you explain how grass, rocks and a few rushes relaxes you?
8- 0
Do you smoke the grass, chew the rocks then rush to the bog?
I know so little about illegal drugs....

  OTT_B 09:52 23 Oct 2010

It's all about relative states, without reference to absolute points. I'm saying that I could be banging my head on some basalt, being beaten with a bull rush and blinded with a blade of Bermuda grass, and I would STILL find that more relaxing than annoyance I feel for Facebook.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:34 23 Oct 2010

Not a very sociable person then?

Join the club.


  lotvic 11:26 23 Oct 2010

But if you are out in the grass, rocks and rushes you have to watch what you might tread in, trip over and also beware of strangers who might mug you, and that's not very relaxing.

I'm ok in my garden though, apart from missiles from passing birds.

  Colin 11:31 23 Oct 2010

The phrases, get out more, get a life or you're sad if you do something that other people don’t like really grinds my gears. Each to their own – if you like it, do it.

  lotvic 11:50 23 Oct 2010

I have a very old beermat that I kept for the saying on it:
"Those who always know best, are a universal pest"

another one says:
"Ensure brain is engaged before opening mouth"

  Strawballs 18:03 23 Oct 2010

As said before each to their own the one's that make me laugh are the ones that run down facebook and say things like try meeting people in the real world and they are the ones that you see commenting the most on here in all forums meaning they must spend all their time on here.

  Forum Editor 18:27 23 Oct 2010

but I can certainly understand why huge numbers of people are. There's obviously something appealing about the concept, because according to the people who run it Facebook now has acquired half a billion registered users worldwide since it was launched, just six years ago. Twenty three million of those users are here, in the UK, and in a population of around 62 million that's quite something.

It's a seriously large crowd, and nobody should dismiss something that popular out of hand.

Facebook's popularity is obviously due to a number of factors, and according to some Psychiatrists at least one of the most important is a basic human need - people enjoy the feeling of being in touch with others of a like mind, it's reassuring to know that there's a whole group of people out there who want to be your friend, and want you as their friend.

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