Facebook Titan

  PC Advisor 10:55 16 Nov 2010

What do you think of Facebook's new Titan integrated messaging service? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column.

Full story about Titan here: click here

  gengiscant 11:07 16 Nov 2010

As the first ever to vote in this poll,I would like to say not often first in anything these days,do I get a prize.

I have recently started a Facebook page,so really am finding my way around,the page is mainly filled with music videos and likes,PCAvisor is there. Haven't really got around to filling it with photos etc.
What i have noticed is that privacy settings are a tad buried,that may just be me. I have come across this click here click on go to application.

Back to the poll subject,I am a bit concerned about entrusting my email to Facebook as i feel that there are still privacy issues to be dealt with.

  simonjary 11:35 16 Nov 2010

This joke on Twitter sums up the possibilities rather well:

Facebook's 'social inbox' is set to take an impressive 75% share of the market for inane drivel posted by people you never see anymore.

  Covergirl 12:32 16 Nov 2010

. . . that Facebook already had an integrated messaging system called "chat" or something like that - it resides at the bottom and people can send you a message if you're online.

They have also got email which you can use to send private messages to friends.

Anyhow, I haven't seen it or any of the other things which are touted as being "new" on Facebook - but then again, I usually go straight to the poker game.

  interzone55 12:32 16 Nov 2010

I simply don't understand the mentality of people who live in Facebook and comment on every tiny thing that happens. Especially the fools who post about what has just happened on X-Factor or I'm A Celebrity.

Yesterday a friend of a friend sent me a message via Facebook, which was then bounced to me by email, which I picked up at work.
I emailed back saying that I can't access FB at work, so I'm replying by email.
The stupid cow then replies via Facebook rather than just replying to the email I sent.

She also talks to her daughter on open messages in Facebook, they live 3 doors from each other...

  Strawballs 12:41 16 Nov 2010

I don't comment on X-factor or other reality shows but calling people fools that have a different interest to you is a bit strong they might think the same about things you might comment on in speakers corner.

  wolfie3000 12:45 16 Nov 2010

Cant say iv heard much about this Titan thing,
But I doubt if I will use it.

I will stick to Ventrillo and MSN Messenger to chat to my friends.

  interzone55 12:48 16 Nov 2010

Dip into Facebook and look at the comments, then reconsider what I put. I'm sure you'll agree with me then...

  Strawballs 12:50 16 Nov 2010

I have seen the comments and would not personally do it myself but everyone to themselves some people must spend as much time on here as they do on face book

  Strawballs 12:53 16 Nov 2010
  Covergirl 13:05 16 Nov 2010

Yes, it's a way of life for some people.

I would say it's a way of life for those people without one, but I know far too many people on FB who have a perfectly adequate life so I couldn't qualify that statement.

X Factor/Celebrity/Strictly - look at it this way - it's like having all your mates in the same room and commenting while you watch the programme - as you would if you WERE all in the same room. This is the modern day virtual equivalent.

As for the 3 doors away example - I'd rather pick up the phone than go round. FB comes inuseful yet again!

God knows what I did as a teenager - I think I used to go out on the pushbike collecting conkers or sledging down grassy banks on wedges of cardboard . . . .

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