Facebook members may not be too happy about this

  jakimo 00:50 18 Jan 2011

Its probably for financial gain,but should Facebook be handing over this information to developers without the members permission?

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  robgf 00:55 18 Jan 2011

The members do have to give permission, as mentioned in your link.

  jakimo 01:06 18 Jan 2011

Sorry,,,didn't read whole article

  jakimo 01:09 18 Jan 2011

But as the article states,as with common practice many will tick the box without reading the small print

  robgf 02:19 18 Jan 2011

Very true, I've done it myself on occasion.

  Strawballs 10:02 18 Jan 2011

Common practice not just facebook can you provide a link to all the other sites that do this please in the interest of fairness.

  ella33 11:34 18 Jan 2011

is unsure throughout facebook. Info can be private and can suddenly appear however careful people are with settings. I think facebook is great for sharing lighthearted information and holiday photos, for many more serious or private stuff is best shared another way.

I turned on to PC advisor today because I was intending to start a thread about Direct Messages on facebook. I was going to send one today and couldn't find a link. Ok I can email the guy but it was a semi private matter that I would normally just send a quick msg about.

If I am derailing the thread, apologies and I can start another thread!

  jakimo 00:49 19 Jan 2011

Think you have mis-understood the phrase 'common practise'my post is exclusively about Facebook
What is common is the downloading of software and ticking the 'You agree to our rules' box without reading them.
By coincidence the Metro newspaper has today published an article,accusing Facebook of putting its users security at risk,and repeat my comments on accepting the Facebook terms without reading the small print.
Internet security company 'Sophos'is advising users to remove immediately all phone numbers and address's from their Facebook accounts.

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  Strawballs 02:32 19 Jan 2011
  Strawballs 02:32 19 Jan 2011

Also it is common practice on all sorts of sites

  interzone55 08:58 19 Jan 2011

Apart from the fact that Facebook have done their usual about turn and withdrawn this feature, there is a very easy way to maintain your privacy on Facebook - don't give them your address & phone number...

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