Facebook Down?

  crosstrainer 11:13 24 Apr 2010

Is anyone else having problems with FB at the moment?

Alway's down when most needed. :))

  bremner 11:16 24 Apr 2010

Kids are on ok

  crosstrainer 11:20 24 Apr 2010

A quick outage....On again now... :))

  DANZIG 16:18 24 Apr 2010

I'm always on the evil Facebook, and have noticed with increasing regularity that the system hangs and crashes. Sometimes on the full site and more often than not on the touch version that my phone uses. I assume its to do with them updating various services.

  Joseph Kerr 16:54 24 Apr 2010

it was down for ages for me but its back now.

  Forum Editor 17:05 24 Apr 2010

it would be down permanently.

  tullie 17:41 24 Apr 2010

Couldent agree more FE

  Joseph Kerr 18:21 24 Apr 2010

Well you could always not use. Crazy idea but it might work.

  Joseph Kerr 18:42 24 Apr 2010

"...not use IT" even.

  morddwyd 19:51 24 Apr 2010

Don't use it, or anything similar, myself, but while I believe it has its downpoints for someone like yourself, "in the trade" so to speak, to come out so firmly you must have some fairly strong reasons?

Is it personal or can you share them?

Don't want to hi-jack the thread, just interested.

  Al94 23:18 24 Apr 2010

Dont be ridiculous FE, millions derive pleasure from it - you might disagree but don't be an old grump!

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