facebook (Be Warned)

  Autoschediastic 00:11 30 Sep 2011

Having a totally private account with them i was literally HORRIFIED when tonight i uploaded a few pics & ive had a humongous amount of people tag & comment on my pics.? before the change over in the last week i was private & i knew it was ONLY people i knew was able to see my profile....Then FB decided it was a grand idea to make ALL profiles open in some way..the highest settings would STILL leave your profile open to others...and this included your wall & pics...how terrible is that? ive been a user for almost 4/half years and just within the last 20 mins closed my account down...google plus for me..just be warned.. this could have some serious complications for people & its not an issue that is known much about YET!

  Joseph Kerr 01:29 30 Sep 2011

I very much doubt it is an issue and suspect you've been hasty.

  wiz-king 05:49 30 Sep 2011

So you load your pictures to the largest public picture gallery in the world and you are surprised that people can see them! You might as well print one out and pin it on a tree in the park.

Facebook makes it's money by offering you a 'free' service and tempting you to buy things ie adverts,games etc.

  interzone55 10:09 30 Sep 2011

Now I'd be HORRIFIED to step outside the front door and find a dismembered corpse on the doorstep.

Not sure how I'd feel if I foolishly left my security settings in Facebook lower than friends only, but it would be way down on the emotion stakes from HORRIFIED.

If you set everything to Friends Only any security changes by Facebook will stay just that way.

It's now easier to manage your settings on the fly now. If you want to upload an image that you want friends of friends to see then there's a little drop down that offers this setting for that post only.

  Covergirl 12:36 30 Sep 2011

My Facebook settings have not changed since the new mods came in, so why have yours?

There's a possibility you had them set incorrectly in the first place but you state NOT SO quite convincingly.

Anyway, set everything to Friends Only - it is, after all, a "social networking" tool.

Be aware also that new changes are coming into effect today (Friday 30th Sept 2011) where you will be able to create a timeline for yourself over your entire lifespan.

  OTT_B 16:01 30 Sep 2011

I decided last night, that due the seemingly uneding task of having to monitor Facebook's lack-of-privacy settings, I would have my account permanently deleted. Facebook, as things turn out, take 2 weeks to do this.

13 days to go.

  OTT_B 16:08 30 Sep 2011


....it is, after all, a "social networking" tool.**

That's an interesting, if obvious, statement. But it does lead to a question though; what is a social network?

It's a genuine question. I suspect that no two people will give exactly the same answer.

  interzone55 16:19 30 Sep 2011

I'm really puzzled about why everyone is concerned about Facebook.

I have all settings at Friends Only, this way only friends can see stuff.

All but a couple of Friends on my list are people I know personally, this is why I have 40-odd people on my list rather than a couple of thousand.

Finally, I don't have my phone number or address in my profile...

  OTT_B 16:34 30 Sep 2011


The problem is that even when you have your settings on everything at 'Friends Only', there is still a whole raft of data that still seeps through the system, especially when FB introduce new features. They have a very nasty habit of cascading out new stuff and defaulting it to make everything public, leaving it up to the end user to ensure that they are happy with the settings.

Then there are issues with the way that they collect and track users. Only this week someone discovered that even if you are logged out of Facebook, they can still track (and therefore optionally publish?) your web movements, through any site that has a Facebook 'Like' button.

Facebook hold far, far too much personal information about people to have such a blasé attitude towards privacy. While people here may well have the their ability to restrict information they share with the world, other people do not.

  Woolwell 17:08 30 Sep 2011

I'm with alan14 and Covergirl on this. My settings haven't changed. I set it to Friends only at the beginning (it is not difficult). Facebook haven't changed any settings to make tagging available to others outside my 'friends' (I have a few!) so unless Autoschediastic's settings were to a wider circle I cannot see how so many got tagged.

I don't put my phone number, address, etc on Facebook.

Regarding tracking - are you aware of what Google and Amazon keep?

  OTT_B 23:52 30 Sep 2011

"Regarding tracking - are you aware of what Google and Amazon keep?"

Not really relevant to Facebook, is it?

Even if it was, at least Google and Amazon have a practical purpose!

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